P. Stephen Lamont

Former Chief Executive Officer (Acting)


Eliot I. Bernstein
Founder and Inventor


By Facsimile & Email




October 17, 2007




The Honorable Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton

476 Russell Senate Office Building

Washington, D.C. 20510-3204


Re:  Senate Cult Bill for Your Consideration


Dear Honorable Senator Clinton:


By way of introduction, I am P. Stephen Lamont, former Chief Executive Officer (Acting) of Iviewit Holdings, Inc., and its subsidiaries, affiliates, and related parties (counsel advised all Iviewit executives to resign their posts and work along side Iviewit rather than within Iviewit), as well as a significant shareholder in Iviewit, with more than a fifteen year track record as a multimedia technology and consumer electronics licensing executive and holder of a J.D. in Intellectual Property Law, an M.B.A in Finance, and a B.S. in Industrial Engineering, and I write to you with Eliot I. Bernstein, the Founder of Iviewit, who was factually present throughout all of the events described at the URL www.iviewit.tv and has so contributed to assure the veracity of the statements herein and provide credible witness to the events described prior to my joining Iviewit; Mr. Bernstein is the principal inventor of the technologies in question. 


Moreover, I appallingly write at the cross current, by and between parties described at the URL at www.iviewit.tv and their pattern of frauds, deceits, and misrepresentations that run so wide and so deep that it tears at the very fabric of what has become to be know as free commerce in this country, and, in the fact that it pertains to inventors rights, tears at the very fabric of the Constitution of the United States.


Furthermore, upon information and belief, such disingenuous schemes were assisted by, whether directly or indirectly, members of secret societies that have infiltrated the United States government and other positions of influence to advance their own personal and organizational interests, all to the detriment of Iviewit, the United States government, and the people who they have been elected to serve.


Accordingly, and as former Chief Executive Officer (Acting) of Iviewit, and together with Mr. Bernstein, we submit the following bill pertaining to Oaths and Affirmations that would prevent such insidious individuals from holding elected or appointed offices so that others similarly situated to Iviewit may freely avail themselves of the free market economy and system of jurisprudence the Founding Fathers sought to provide.


Thank you for your attention to this matter.



Very truly yours,














Eliot I. Bernstein

            Founder and Inventor




            P. Stephen Lamont

            Former Acting CEO







Please accept and return the following statement of conflict before continuing further with review of the attached Iviewit proposed Senate Bill.



This Conflict of Interest Disclosure Form is designed to ensure that the review of the enclosed Bill will not be biased by any conflicting financial interest or any other interest by those reviewers responsible for the handling of this complaint with the main alleged perpetrators of the crimes cited in these matters.


Disclosure forms with "Yes" answers to either or both of the following questions are requested not to open the remainder of the document and instead forward the matters on to the next available reviewer that is free of conflict that can sign and complete the disclosure.  As many of these alleged perpetrators are large law firms and perhaps officers of federal, state and local law enforcement agencies or the courts, careful review of those named herein is pertinent in your handling of these matters without cause for becoming inadvertently involved in them.


I.              Do you, your spouse, and your dependents, in the aggregate have, any direct, or in any outside entity, indirect relation to the following parties to the proceeding of the matters you are reviewing:


1.                  Proskauer Rose, LLP


Alan S. Jaffe - Chairman Of The Board - ("Jaffe"); Kenneth Rubenstein - ("Rubenstein"); Robert Kafin - Managing Partner - ("Kafin"); Christopher C. Wheeler - ("Wheeler"); Steven C. Krane - ("Krane"); Stephen R. Kaye - ("S. Kaye") and in his estate with New York Supreme Court Chief Judge Judith Kaye (“J. Kaye”); Matthew Triggs - ("Triggs"); Christopher Pruzaski - ("Pruzaski"); Mara Lerner Robbins - ("Robbins"); Donald Thompson - ("Thompson"); Gayle Coleman; David George; George A. Pincus; Gregg Reed; Leon Gold - ("Gold"); Albert Gortz - ("Gortz"); Marcy Hahn-Saperstein; Kevin J. Healy - ("Healy"); Stuart Kapp; Ronald F. Storette; Chris Wolf; Jill Zammas; FULL LIST OF 601 liable Proskauer Partners; any other John Doe ("John Doe") Proskauer partner, affiliate, company, known or not known at this time; including but not limited to Proskauer ROSE LLP; Partners, Associates, Of Counsel, Employees, Corporations, Affiliates and any other Proskauer related or affiliated entities both individually and professionally.  Hereinafter, collectively referred to as ("Proskauer").




Lewis Melzter - ("Meltzer"); Raymond Joao - ("Joao"); Frank Martinez - ("Martinez"); Kenneth Rubenstein - ("Rubenstein"); FULL LIST OF 34 Meltzer, Lippe, Goldstein, Wolf & Schlissel, P.C. liable Partners; any other John Doe ("John Doe") Meltzer, Lippe, Goldstein, Wolf & Schlissel, P.C. partner, affiliate, company, known or not known at this time; including but not limited to Meltzer, Lippe, Goldstein, Wolf & Schlissel, P.C.; Partners, Associates, Of Counsel, Employees, Corporations, Affiliates and any other Meltzer, Lippe, Goldstein, Wolf & Schlissel, P.C. related or affiliated entities both individually and professionally.  Hereinafter, collectively referred to as ("MLGWS"). 


3.                  FOLEY & LARDNER


Ralf Boer ("Boer"); Michael Grebe (“Grebe”); Christopher Kise (“Kise”); William J. Dick - ("Dick"); Steven C. Becker - ("Becker"); Douglas Boehm - ("Boehm"); Barry Grossman - ("Grossman"); Jim Clark - ("Clark"); any other John Doe ("John Doe") Foley & Lardner partners, affiliates, companies, known or not known at this time; including but not limited to Foley & Lardner; Partners, Associates, Of Counsel, Employees, Corporations, Affiliates and any other Foley & Lardner related or affiliated entities both individually and professionally.  Hereinafter, collectively referred to as ("Foley").


4.                  Schiffrin & Barroway, LLP


Richard Schiffrin - ("Schiffrin"); Andrew Barroway - ("Barroway"); Krishna Narine - ("Narine"); any other John Doe ("John Doe") Schiffrin & Barroway, LLP partners, affiliates, companies, known or not known at this time; including but not limited to Schiffrin & Barroway, LLP; Partners, Associates, Of Counsel, Employees, Corporations, Affiliates and any other Schiffrin & Barroway, LLP related or affiliated entities both individually and professionally.  Hereinafter, collectively referred to as ("SB").


5.                  Blakely Sokoloff Taylor & Zafman LLP


Norman Zafman - ("Zafman"); Thomas Coester - ("Coester"); Farzad Ahmini - ("Ahmini"); George Hoover - ("Hoover"); any other John Doe ("John Doe") Blakely Sokoloff Taylor & Zafman LLP partners, affiliates, companies, known or not known at this time; including but not limited to Blakely Sokoloff Taylor & Zafman LLP; Partners, Associates, Of Counsel, Employees, Corporations, Affiliates and any other Blakely Sokoloff Taylor & Zafman LLP related or affiliated entities both individually and professionally.  Hereinafter, collectively referred to as ("BSTZ").


6.                  Wildman, Harrold, Allen & Dixon LLP


Martyn W. Molyneaux - ("Molyneaux"); Michael Dockterman - ("Dockterman"); FULL LIST OF 198 Wildman, Harrold, Allen & Dixon LLP liable Partners; any other John Doe ("John Doe") Wildman, Harrold, Allen & Dixon LLP partners, affiliates, companies, known or not known at this time; including but not limited to Wildman, Harrold, Allen & Dixon LLP; Partners, Associates, Of Counsel, Employees, Corporations, Affiliates and any other Wildman, Harrold, Allen & Dixon LLP related or affiliated entities both individually and professionally.  Hereinafter, collectively referred to as ("WHAD").


7.                  Christopher & Weisberg, P.A.


Alan M. Weisberg - ("Weisberg"); any other John Doe ("John Doe") Christopher & Weisberg, P.A. partners, affiliates, companies, known or not known at this time; including but not limited to Christopher & Weisberg, P.A.; Partners, Associates, Of Counsel, Employees, Corporations, Affiliates and any other Christopher & Weisberg, P.A. related or affiliated entities both individually and professionally.  Hereinafter, collectively referred to as ("CW").




Masaki Yamakawa - ("Yamakawa"); any other John Doe ("John Doe") Yamakawa International Patent Office partners, affiliates, companies, known or not known at this time; including but not limited to Yamakawa International Patent Office; Partners, Associates, Of Counsel, Employees, Corporations, Affiliates and any other Yamakawa International Patent Office related or affiliated entities both individually and professionally.  Hereinafter, collectively referred to as ("Yamakawa").


9.                  GOLDSTEIN LEWIN & CO.


Donald J. Goldstein - ("Goldstein"); Gerald R. Lewin - ("Lewin"); Erika Lewin - ("E. Lewin"); Mark R. Gold; Paul Feuerberg; Salvatore Bochicchio; Marc H. List; David A. Katzman; Robert H. Garick; Robert C. Zeigen; Marc H. List; Lawrence A. Rosenblum; David A. Katzman; Brad N. Mciver; Robert Cini; any other John Doe ("John Doe") Goldstein & Lewin Co. partners, affiliates, companies, known or not known at this time; including but not limited to Goldstein & Lewin Co.; Partners, Associates, Of Counsel, Employees, Corporations, Affiliates and any other Goldstein & Lewin Co. related or affiliated entities both individually and professionally.  Hereinafter, collectively referred to as ("Goldstein").




Gerald Stanley - ("Stanley"); Ryan Huisman - ("Huisman"); RYJO - ("RYJO"); Tim Connolly - ("Connolly"); Steve Cochran; David Bolton; Rosalie Bibona - ("Bibona"); Connie Martin; Richard Gentner; Steven A. Behrens; Matt Johannsen; any other John Doe ("John Doe") Intel, Real 3D, Inc. (Silicon Graphics, Inc., Lockheed Martin & Intel) & RYJO partners, affiliates, companies, known or not known at this time; including but not limited to Intel, Real 3D, Inc. (Silicon Graphics, Inc., Lockheed Martin & Intel) & RYJO; Employees, Corporations, Affiliates and any other Intel, Real 3D, Inc. (Silicon Graphics, Inc., Lockheed Martin & Intel) & RYJO related or affiliated entities both individually and professionally.  Hereinafter, collectively referred to as ("Intel/R3D").


11.              Tiedemann Investment Group


Bruce T. Prolow ("Prolow"); Carl Tiedemann ("C. Tiedemann"); Andrew Philip Chesler; Craig L. Smith; any other John Doe ("John Doe") Tiedemann Investment Group partners, affiliates, companies, known or not known at this time; including but not limited to Tiedemann Investment Group and any other Tiedemann Investment Group related or affiliated entities both individually and professionally.  Hereinafter, collectively referred to as ("Tiedemann").


12.              Crossbow Ventures  / Alpine Partners


Stephen J. Warner - ("Warner"); Ren  P. Eichenberger - ("Eichenberger"); H. Hickman  Hank  Powell - ("Powell"); Maurice Buchsbaum - ("Buchsbaum"); Eric Chen - ("Chen"); Avi Hersh; Matthew Shaw - ("Shaw"); Bruce W. Shewmaker - ("Shewmaker"); Ravi M. Ugale - ("Ugale"); any other John Doe ("John Doe") Crossbow Ventures  / Alpine Partners partners, affiliates, companies, known or not known at this time; including but not limited to Crossbow Ventures  / Alpine Partners and any other Crossbow Ventures  / Alpine Partners related or affiliated entities both individually and professionally.  Hereinafter, collectively referred to as ("Crossbow").


13.              BROAD & CASSEL


James J. Wheeler - ("J. Wheeler"); Kelly Overstreet Johnson - ("Johnson"); any other John Doe ("John Doe") Broad & Cassell partners, affiliates, companies, known or not known at this time; including but not limited to Broad & Cassell and any other Broad & Cassell related or affiliated entities both individually and professionally.  Hereinafter, collectively referred to as ("BC").




Brian G. Utley/Proskauer Referred Management - ("Utley"); Raymond Hersh - ("Hersh")/; Michael Reale - ("Reale")/Proskauer Referred Management; Rubenstein/Proskauer Rose Shareholder in Iviewit - Advisory Board; Wheeler/Proskauer Rose Shareholder in Iviewit - Advisory Board; Dick/Foley & Lardner - Advisory Board, Boehm/Foley & Lardner - Advisory Board; Becker/Foley & Lardner; Advisory Board; Joao/Meltzer Lippe Goldstein Wolfe & Schlissel - Advisory Board; Kane/Goldman Sachs - Board Director; Lewin/Goldstein Lewin - Board Director;  Ross Miller, Esq. (“Miller”), Prolow/Tiedemann Prolow II - Board Director; Powell/Crossbow Ventures/Proskauer Referred Investor - Board Director; Maurice Buchsbaum - Board Director; Stephen Warner - Board Director; Simon L. Bernstein – Board Director (“S. Bernstein”); any other John Doe ("John Doe") Former Iviewit Management & Board partners, affiliates, companies, known or not known at this time; including but not limited to Former Iviewit Management & Board and any other Former Iviewit Management & Board related or affiliated entities both individually and professionally.  Hereinafter, collectively referred to as ("Iviewit Executive").




Judge Jorge LABARGA - ("Labarga"); any other John Doe ("John Doe") FIFTEENTH JUDICIAL CIRCUIT - WEST PALM BEACH FLORIDA staff, known or not known to have been involved at the time.  Hereinafter, collectively referred to as ("15C").




Thomas Cahill - ("Cahill"); Joseph Wigley - ("Wigley"); Steven Krane, any other John Doe ("John Doe") of THE SUPREME COURT OF NEW YORK APPELLATE DIVISION: FIRST JUDICIAL DEPARTMENT, DEPARTMENTAL DISCIPLINARY COMMITTEE staff, known or not known to have been involved at the time.  Hereinafter, collectively referred to as ("First Dept DDC").


17.              THE FLORIDA BAR


Lorraine Christine Hoffman - ("Hoffman"); Eric Turner - ("Turner"); Kenneth Marvin - ("Marvin"); Anthony Boggs - ("Boggs"); Joy A. Bartmon - ("Bartmon"); Kelly Overstreet Johnson - ("Johnson"); Jerald Beer - ("Beer"); Matthew Triggs; Christopher or James Wheeler; any other John Doe ("John Doe") The Florida Bar staff, known or not known to have been involved at the time.  Hereinafter, collectively referred to as ("TFB")


18.              MPEGLA, LLC.


Columbia University; Fujitsu Limited; General Instrument Corp; Lucent Technologies Inc.; Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd.; Mitsubishi Electric Corp.; Philips Electronics N.V. (Philips); Scientific Atlanta, Inc.; Sony Corp. (Sony); EXTENDED LIST OF MPEGLA LICENSEES AND LICENSORS; any other John Doe MPEGLA, LLC. Partner, Associate, Engineer, Of Counsel or Employee; any other John Doe ("John Doe") MPEGLA, LLC partners, affiliates, companies, known or not known at this time; including but not limited to MPEGLA, LLC and any other MPEGLA, LLC related or affiliated entities both individually and professionally.  Hereinafter, collectively referred to as ("MPEGLA").


19.              DVD6C LICENSING GROUP


Toshiba Corporation; Hitachi, Ltd.; Matsushita Electric Industrial Co. Ltd.; Mitsubishi Electric Corporation; Time Warner Inc.; Victor Company Of Japan, Ltd.; EXTENDED DVD6C DEFENDANTS; any other John Doe DVD6C LICENSING GROUP  Partner, Associate, Engineer, Of Counsel or Employee; any other John Doe ("John Doe") DVD6C LICENSING GROUP partners, affiliates, companies, known or not known at this time; including but not limited to DVD6C LICENSING GROUP and any other DVD6C LICENSING GROUP related or affiliated entities both individually and professionally.  Hereinafter, collectively referred to as ("DVD6C").


20.          Harrison Goodard Foote incorporating Brewer & Son. 

Martyn Molyneaux, Esq. (“Molyneaux”); Any other John Doe ("John Doe") Harrison Goodard Foote (incorporating Brewer & Son) partners, affiliates, companies, known or not known at this time; including but not limited to Harrison Goodard Goote incorporating Brewer & Son and any other related or affiliated entities both individually and professionally.  Hereinafter, collectively referred to as ("HGF").


21.          Lawrence DiGiovanna, Chairman of the Grievance Committee of the Second Judicial Department Departmental Disciplinary Committee;


22.                            James E. Peltzer, Clerk of the Court of the Appellate Division, Supreme Court of the State of New York, Second Judicial Department;


23.                            Diana Kearse, Chief Counsel to the Grievance Committee of the Second Judicial Department Departmental Disciplinary Committee;


24.                            Houston & ShaHady, P.A., any other John Doe ("John Doe") Houston & ShaHAdy, P.A., affiliates, companies, known or not known at this time; including but not limited to Houston & ShaHAdy, P.A. related or affiliated entities both individually and professionally.  Hereinafter, collectively referred to as ("HS").


25.                            Furr & Cohen, P.a. any other John Doe ("John Doe") Furr & Cohen, P.a., affiliates, companies, known or not known at this time; including but not limited to Furr & Cohen, P.a. related or affiliated entities both individually and professionally.  Hereinafter, collectively referred to as ("FC").


26.                            Moskowitz, Mandell, Salim & Simowitz, P.A., any other John Doe ("John Doe") Moskowitz, Mandell, Salim & Simowitz, P.A., affiliates, companies, known or not known at this time; including but not limited to Moskowitz, Mandell, Salim & Simowitz, P.A. related or affiliated entities both individually and professionally.  Hereinafter, collectively referred to as ("MMSS").


27.                            The Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. Jeffrey Friedstein (“Friedstein”); Sheldon Friedstein (S. Friedstein”), Donald G. Kane (“Kane”); any other John Doe ("John Doe") The Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. partners, affiliates, companies, known or not known at this time; including but not limited to The Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. and any other related or affiliated entities both individually and professionally.  Hereinafter, collectively referred to as ("GS").


28.                            David b. Simon, Esq. (“D. Simon”)


29.                            Sachs Saxs & klein, pa any other John Doe ("John Doe") Sachs Saxs & klein, pa, affiliates, companies, known or not known at this time; including but not limited to Sachs Saxs & klein, pa related or affiliated entities both individually and professionally.  Hereinafter, collectively referred to as ("MMSS").


30.                            Huizenga Holdings Incorporated any other John Doe ("John Doe") Huizenga Holdings Incorporated affiliates, companies, known or not known at this time; including but not limited to Huizenga Holdings Incorporated related or affiliated entities both individually and professionally.  Hereinafter, collectively referred to as ("MMSS").


31.                            Eliot I. Bernstein, (“Bernstein”) a resident of the State of California, and former President (Acting) of Iviewit Holdings, Inc. and its affiliates and subsidiaries and the founder of Iviewit and principal inventor of its technology.  Hereinafter, collectively referred to as ("Bernstein").


32.                            P. Stephen Lamont, (“Lamont”) a resident of the State of New York, and former Chief Executive Officer (Acting) of Iviewit Holdings, Inc. and all of its affiliates and subsidiaries.  Hereinafter, collectively referred to as ("Lamont").


33.                            SKULL AND BONES


34.                            Council on Foreign Relations


35.                          BILDERBERGERS


36.                            THE KNIGHTS OF THE GARTER


37.                            THE KNIGHTS OF MALTA


38.                            THE 33RD DEGREE MASONS


39.                            RHODES SCHOLARS


40.                            MULTINATIONAL CHAIRMAN’S GROUP


41.                            BOHEMIAN GROVE


42.                            TRILATERAL COMMISSION


43.                            LE CERCLE


44.                            1001 CLUB


45.                            PILGRIM SOCIETY


46.                            SUN VALLEY MEETINGS


47.                            JASON GROUP


48.                            COUNCIL OF WORLD CHURCHES


49.                            WORLD TRADE ORGANIZATION


50.                            SUMMIT OF THE AMERICA’S


51.                            WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM


52.                            INTERNATIONAL CRIMINAL COURT


53.                            WORLD BANK. 


54.                            Any other known or unknown person or known or unknown entity not named herein that will cause your review of the complaint you are charged with investigating to be biased by any conflicting past, present, or future financial interest or any other interest?


NO                                                          YES (please describe below)



II.             Do you, your spouse, and your dependents, in the aggregate, receive salary or other remuneration or financial considerations from any entity related to the enclosed parties to the proceeding of the matters?



NO                                                          YES (please describe below)


III.            Have you, your spouse, and your dependents, in the aggregate, had any prior conversations with any person related to the proceeding of the Iviewit or related matters?



NO                                                          YES (please describe below)



I declare under penalty of perjury that the foregoing statements in this CONFLICT OF INTEREST DISCLOSURE FORM are true and correct.  Executed on this __ day of ________ 2007 the foregoing statements in this CONFLICT OF INTEREST DISCLOSURE FORM are true.  I am aware that any false, fictitious, or fraudulent statements or claims may subject me to criminal, civil, or administrative penalties, including possible culpability in the attempted murder of the inventor Eliot Bernstein and his wife and children in a car bombing attempt on their lives. I agree to accept responsibility for the unbiased review, and presentation of findings to the appropriate party(ies) who also have executed this CONFLICT OF INTEREST DISCLOSURE FORM.  A lack of signature will serve as evidence that I have accepted this document without conflict in the event that I continue to represent the matters without signing such first.


Signature_____________________________ Print Name ______________________ Date__________

Signature_____________________________ Print Name ______________________ Date__________

Signature_____________________________ Print Name ______________________ Date__________

Signature_____________________________ Print Name ______________________ Date__________


If you are unable to sign such document and are therefore unable to continue to further pursue these matters, then a statement of whom we may contact in situations where you may be in conflict with the matters would be necessary.  A mailed copy can be sent to:



Eliot I. Bernstein

39 Little Ave.

Red Bluff, CA 96080

(530) 529-4110




Bill Name: Sen. ________________________________________


Author(s):   Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-NY)


"The individual is handicapped by coming face-to-face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists." J. Edgar Hoover


President Kennedy said of Freemasonry: "The very word 'secrecy' is repugnant in a free and open society; and we are as a people inherently and historically opposed to secret societies, to secret oaths and to secret proceedings. We decided long ago that the dangers of excessive and unwarranted concealment of pertinent facts far outweighed the dangers which are cited to justify it." President John F. Kennedy — address to newspaper publishers, April 27, 1961


"To announce that there must be no criticism of the President, or that we are to stand by the President right or wrong, is not only unpatriotic and servile, but morally treasonable to the American public." Theodore Roosevelt


Short Description: President and Congress memorialized by resolution: to amend the Constitution of the United States to provide: (i) by the President in Article Two, Section 2, Clause 8; and (ii) by Senators and Representatives, Members of the several State Legislatures, and all executive and judicial Officers, both of the United States and of the several States in Article Six, Clause 3, that each be bound by expanded versions of Oaths or Affirmations that, under penalty of those similarly situated crimes in Title 18 of the United States Code and carrying a maximum penalty of those similarly situated crimes thereunder, the aforementioned are not members of any secret societies or organizations that act to circumvent, or aid in the circumvention, of the Constitution of the United States.







The reason the ‘literary society’ of Skull and Bones is of particular concern is that its members are required to take an oath that completely absolves them from—takes precedence over—allegiance to any nation or king or government or constitution, including the negating of any subsequent oath which they may be required to take, that conflicts with the interests of the order.  In his autobiography, "A Charge to Keep" Bush writes, "My senior year I joined Skull and Bones, a secret society so secret I can't say anything more."


The oath taken by the Illuminati (the cult which Skull and Bones descends from) requires the initiated to disregard all bonds of allegiance whether to father, mother, brothers, sisters, relations, friends or to the king, magistrates, and any other authority to which loyalty, obedience, or service may have been sworn. The particular passage reads:


Faithfulness and everlasting obedience to all superiors and regulations of the Order…. you are free from the so-called oath to country and laws: swear to reveal to the new chief… what you may have seen or done, intercepted, read or heard, learned or surmised, and also seek for and spy out what your eyes cannot discern. Honour and respect the Aqua Tofana (a slow poison) as a sure, prompt, and necessary means of purging the globe by death of those who seek to vilify the truth [their ideology] and seize it from our hands...


The super secretive Order of Skull and Bones is non-partisan – it is not right or left, conservative or liberal, Republican or Democrat. Of the secret groups, the Order and the Bilderberg Group are the most secretive. The Order may, in fact, be the core of the others. Each group appears to have specific activities toward the development of the New World Order. The activities of The Order are directed towards changing our society, changing the world, to bring about a New World Order. This will be a planned order with heavily restricted individual freedom, without Constitutional protection, without national boundaries or cultural distinction. Therefore, The Order controls Republican Bonesmen and Democrat Bonesmen.


Thus either way, Democratic or Republican, the 2004 Presidential election left us with a Bonesman as President and the Skull & Bones agenda dominating and controlling the United States and the United States foreign policies inapposite of the Constitution and the People of the United States.


By way of example are the matters of Iviewit Holdings, Inc. and its subsidiaries, affiliates and related parties (collectively “Iviewit”) and its experience of top down denial of due process at the Federal, State, and Local levels by secret societies as so named at the URL located at www.iviewit.tv .




Of particular note in the above aforementioned groups, the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), a non-governmental organization that has stacked the next election, on both the Democratic and Republican ticket, with so many candidates on both sides, again leaving the American People almost assuredly with a member of an organization in which members claim the purpose is subversive to Democracy.  Thus, no matter what political party the People may believe they identify themselves with, due to the length of secrecy; these organizations have been heavily infiltrated and influenced by an agenda the People are completely unaware of.  CFR was founded and is filled with members of Skull and Bones and by no coincidence.  These groups infiltrate government by positioning members on both sides of a political position to insure a member secures the position or through a more recent technique of voter fraud.   This legislation must be enacted to protect the next presidency from infiltration or the Terrorists within.


2008 Presidential Candidates Members of the CFR include:


Democrat CFR Candidates:


Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton (Yale Law, Editor Yale Review of Law and Social Action), John Edwards, Chris Dodd and Bill Richardson


Republican CFR Candidates:


Mitt Romney, Rudy Giuliani, John McCain, Fred Thompson, Newt Gingrich


Corporate members include:


Halliburton of Dubai, British Petroleum, Dutch Royal Shell, Exxon Mobile, General Electric (NBC), Chevron, Lockheed Martin, Merck Pharmaceuticals, News Corp (FOX), Bloomberg, IBM, Time Warner, JP Morgan/ Chase Manhattan & several other major financial institutions.


Other Notable Members Include:


Dick Cheney (Director 1987-1988), John Kerry, Bill Clinton (Yale Law, met Hillary while attending), Al Gore, Ronald Reagan, George H. W. Bush, Gerald Ford, Richard Nixon, John, David & Nelson Rockefeller, Condolezza Rice, Paul Wolfowitz, Alan Greenspan (Director 1987-1988), Colin Powell, Henry Kissinger, Angelina Jolie (Yes, the actress has a five year term membership as an ambassador), Lewis “Scooter” Libby, Zbigniew Brzezinski, Maurice Hank Greenberg (Vice Chairman & Director).


The goals of the CFR are best described by its very own members. Bill Clinton's Georgetown mentor and CFR member Carroll Quigley states: "The Council on Foreign Relations is the American branch of a society which originated in England... [and]...believes national boundaries should be obliterated and one world rule established."  Quigley differs from many of his CFR colleagues in that he believes their plan for a new world order should be more publicly disclosed. In his book Tragedy and Hope, Quigley concedes he is unique among his peers in that he believes the new world order plan of global government's "role in history is significant enough to be known." Quigley also admits that the two-party system allows for both groups to be controlled at the highest level but operate like bitter rivals.  As Quigley says, this gives the voters the chance to "throw the rascals out at any election without leading to any profound of extreme shifts in policy."  Controlling Washington elite allowed private central banks to “dominate the political system...and economy of world as a whole" and implement a new system of "feudalist fashion" through "secret agreements."  Although he believes the CFR's intentions should be more public, Quigley understands the average person doesn't understand feudalism or serfdom and will never read his book.


Surprisingly, many of its own members admit the CFR goal is to subvert the democratic process. CFR member and Judge Advocate General of the US Navy Admiral Chester Ward writes "The main purpose of the (CFR) is promoting the disarmament of US sovereignty and national dependence and submergence into and all powerful, one world government." This high ranking military officer went on to explain their procedures for influencing policy, claiming: "Once the ruling members of the CFR shadow government have decided that the US government should adopt a particular policy, the very substantial research facilities of the CFR are put to work to develop arguments, intellectual and emotional, to support the new policy and to confound and discredit, intellectually and politically, any opposition."


Admiral Chester Ward, a member of the CFR for over a decade, became one of its harshest critics, revealing its inner workings in a 1975 book, "Kissinger ON THE COUCH." In it he states "The most powerful cliques in these elitist groups have one objective in common: they want to bring about the surrender of the sovereignty and national independence of the United States."


On February 17, 1950, James Paul Warburg (CFR Founder) confidently declared to the United States Senate: "We shall have World Government, whether or not we like it. The only question is whether World Government will be achieved by conquest or consent."[1]

James Paul Warburg (1896-1969) was the son of Paul Moritz Warburg, nephew of Felix Warburg and of Jacob Schiff, both of Kuhn, Loeb & Company which financed the Russian Revolution through James' brother Max, banker to the government of Germany, Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution.” [2]


A world government is a world without borders, national sovereignty, constitutions, privacy, autonomy, individual liberties, religious freedoms, private property, the right to bear arms, the rights of marriage and family and a dramatic population reduction (two thirds). A world government establishes a slave/master environment wherein the state controls everything.


“The main purpose of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) is promoting the disarmament of U.S. sovereignty and national independence and submergence into an all powerful, one world government" stated Chester Ward, Rear Admiral and former Navy Judge Advocate 1956–1960 and a CFR member for 15 years. Is his attitude reflective of other military leaders who have also sworn to uphold the Constitution?[3]


Other secret groups include the Bilderbergers, the Council on Foreign Relations, The Knights of the Garter, The Knights of Malta, The 33rd Degree Masons, the Rhodes Scholars, Multinational Chairman’s Group, Bohemian Grove, Trilateral Commission, Le Cercle, 1001 Club, Pilgrim Society, Sun Valley Meetings, JASON Group, Council of World Churches, World Trade Organization, Summit of the America’s, World Economic Forum, International Criminal Court and World Bank. 




Long Description:


WHEREAS, secret societies are: (i) formed in secrecy; (ii) formed to position their members on both political spectrums of the government; (iii) operate in secrecy on both political spectrums of the government; and (iv) positioned slowly, over generations, to seize key positions on both political spectrums of the government all with the goal of seizing power on both political spectrums of the government with an equal goal of subverting the government, as we know it, for their own personal and organizational ends; and


WHEREAS, recognizing the responsibility of executive and judicial Officers to support the Constitution of the United States, Congress has ultimate responsibility to protect such responsibilities using the full weight of its powers under the Constitution; and


WHEREAS, the Constitution maintains the requirement that before the President enter on the execution of her/his Office, the President shall take the following Oath or Affirmation: -- "I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States;" and 


WHEREAS, the Constitution maintains the requirement that Senators and Representatives, Members of the several State Legislatures, and all executive and judicial Officers, both of the United States and of the several States, shall be bound by Oath or Affirmation, to support the Constitution of the United States; and 


WHEREAS, as for the President, Article Two, Section 2, Clause 8 contains insufficient warranty in the Oath or Affirmation that the aforementioned is not a member of any secret societies  or organizations that act to circumvent, or aid in the circumvention, of the Constitution of the United States; and


WHEREAS, in the 2004 Presidential election both George W. Bush and John Kerry were both admitted members of a Yale secret society known as Skull and Bones that takes an oath that trumps any other oath members may take in the future; the cult, upon information and belief, operates to undermine the United States Constitution and worships Hitler with the overriding goal of creating a New World Order similar to that contrived by Hitler and the Nazi Party.


WHEREAS, since these subversive organizations have operated, until recently, for more than three generations in secrecy and thus infiltrated deep within the government at its highest levels, in order to cleanse the country of past infiltrations, this legislation should require all current members of all government agencies, who take oath to uphold American liberties, be required to complete a full disclosure of all affiliations with any/all organizations whether secret or not, whether the stated purpose is pro or anti American.  The disclosure should force all members of government to list the stated purpose of the organization, the complete oath taken to that organization, date of induction into the organization, charter of the organization and full disclosure of any oath or other sworn statement made to such organization;  and


WHEREAS, due to the threat to the nation that such subversive cult activities poses, this legislation should be clear that falsifying information regarding membership in an organization is punishable as Treason against the United States and with a maximum penalty of death.  That any person who swears false oath shall also be considered a spy against the United States and subject to prosecution as such; and


WHEREAS, due to the threat to the nation that such subversive cult activities poses, this legislation should reviewed, worked upon, vilified and underwritten by Members who can at first sign a no conflict of interest statement with any subversive cult and further provide this Congress with a list of all organizations that each Member belongs to or is affiliated to in any way, providing that each organization attested to will come with full disclosure of the organization agenda, tax returns, dates and times of membership, copy of oath taken, copy of bylaws and any other pertinent information for Congress to review prior to appointing any Members to work upon this Legislation.  Such precautionary step prevents in a modest way infiltration by subversive organizations and any such falsification of information regarding membership in an organization shall be punishable as under those similarly situated crimes in Title 18 of the United States Code and carrying a maximum penalty of those similarly situated crimes thereunder.  That any person who swears false oath shall also be considered a spy against the United States and subject to prosecution as such; and


WHEREAS, as for Senators and Representatives, Members of the several State Legislatures, and all executive and judicial Officers, both of the United States and of the several States, Article Six, Clause 3 contains insufficient warranty in the Oath or Affirmation that the aforementioned are not members of any secret societies or organizations that act to circumvent, or aid in the circumvention, of the Constitution of the United States.


WHEREAS, to preserve our freedom as envisioned by our forefathers and to preserve the American way of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, the following resolutions design to force disclosure of subversive cult organizations from, if not the nation as a whole, the ruling members of the executive, legislative, and judicial branches of the government of the United States of America.


RESOLVED THAT, Article Two, Section 2, Clause 8 of the Constitution of the United States, be amended as follows:


Before he enter on the Execution of his Office, he shall take the following Oath or Affirmation: --"I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, will to the best of my Ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States, and that I am not now nor have ever been a member of any secret societies or organizations that act to circumvent, or aid in the circumvention, of the Constitution of the United States or have taken an oath or any other pledge that conflicts with my oath to the People of the United States."




RESOLVED THAT, Article Six, Clause 3 of the Constitution of the United States, be amended as follows:       


The Senators and Representatives before mentioned, and the Members of the several State Legislatures, and all executive and judicial Officers, both of the United States and of the several States, shall take the following Oath or Affirmation: -- "I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office, will to the best of my Ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States, and that I am not now nor have ever been a member of any secret societies or organizations that act to circumvent, or aid in the circumvention, of the Constitution of the United States or have taken an oath or any other pledge that conflicts with my oath to the People of the United States.” 


End of Bill.






President George W. Bush


Exhibit 1


Declaration of Oath


1.                  List all Organizations you are a member of.


2.                  For each Organization write the specific oath, if any, taken upon becoming a member


3.                  For each Organization list the objectives and agenda


4.                  For each Organization submit the charter and bylaws


5.                  For each Organization disclose if there are any secrecy provisions of the group and what they are specifically


George Carlin on Secret Societies

President John F. Kennedy on Secret Societies

President George W. Bush on Secret Societies

In the 2004 U.S. Presidential election, both the Democratic and Republican nominees were alumni. George W. Bush writes in his autobiography, "[In my] senior year I joined Skull and Bones, a secret society; so secret, I can't say anything more."[3] When asked what it meant that he and Bush were both Bonesmen, former Presidential candidate John Kerry said, "Not much because it's a secret."

Skull and Bones in Government

By 2004 Bush bestowed presidential appointments on three of 15 of his Skull and Bones classmates, or fully 20 percent of his Bones classmates. If you include Bush, 27 percent of the Bones members from Yale's class of 1968 have received some presidential position through appointment or elec—er, Supreme Court decision. That's quite a yield.


The Bones '68 appointees are: Robert Davis McCallum, appointed associate attorney general in the Justice Department; Roy Leslie Austin, appointed ambassador to Trinidad and Tobago; and Donald Etra, appointed to the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Council. What do they have on President Bush?






Known for


Victor Ashe




Bones 1967, Board Directors of scandal ridden, Federal National Mortgage Association- Fannie Mae. Now Ambassador to Poland with a long GOP history. 


In 1965, Mr. Ashe served as an intern in the office of Congressman Bill Brock, where he helped write a tax sharing for education bill. In 1967, he was a staff assistant in the office of then-Senator Howard Baker, who in his later career served as White House Chief of Staff and U.S. Ambassador to Japan.


Amb. Ashe was elected to the Tennessee House of Representatives in 1968, at age 23. In 1975 he was elected to the State Senate, where he served for nine years. From 1967 to 1973, Amb. Ashe served as a member of the U.S. Marine Corps Air Reserves.


From 1985-1987, under President Reagan, Mr. Ashe served as the Executive Director of the Americans Outdoors Commission chaired by then-Governor (and now U.S. Senator) Lamar Alexander. Mr. Ashe was elected Knoxville’s mayor in November, 1987.


As Mayor of Knoxville, Mr. Ashe established a sister city relationship with Chelm in Poland and led two delegations to the city, one in 1997 and the other in 2000. Mr. Ashe also led a delegation of U.S. mayors to Israel in 1995 and to Uganda in 2003 on the subject of helping combat HIV/AIDS


Roy L. Austin




U.S. Ambassador to Trinidad and Tobago, Yale Bones Class of 1968

David L. Boren




Senator from Oklahoma, bonesman Yale 1963, Chairman, Select Committee on Intelligence 100-102nd Congresses, Joint Committee on the Organization of Congress 103rd Congress, President, University of Oklahoma 


James L. Buckley




US Senator from New York 1971-77

William F. Buckley




National Review


William Bundy




Cold War advisor to JFK, LBJ

George H.W. Bush

Head of State



41st US President, 1989-93


George W. Bush

Head of State



43rd US President


Jonathan J. Bush




Brother of George H.W. Bush

Prescott Bush




US Senator from Connecticut, 1952-63


Henry Sloane Coffin




Meaning of the Cross


William Sloane Coffin




Civilly disobedient chaplain


Rex Cowdry




Bush appointee Associate director of the White House's National Economic Council

Henry P. Davison




Davison and his family helped set up the Guaranty Trust Corporation which became Morgan Guaranty Thomas Cochran (1904 Bonesman) was one of the most powerful partners in the Morgan bank.


The influence of the Morgan banking system can be seen in its relationship with the hierarchy of U.S. intelligence. The head of the Office of Strategic Services, Gen. William Donovan, worked as a Morgan intelligence operative in the 1920s and prepared the intelligence reports for the Morgan banking concerns on developments in Europe. F. Trubee Davison became CIA Director of Personnel in 1951 and placed key Bonesmen in the right positions inside the CIA.


William Donaldson




SEC Chairman, 2003-05

Donald Etra




Appointed by Bush in May 2002 to US Holocaust Memorial Hospital.

Irving Fisher




The Theory of Interest


Evan Galbraith




1950 Bonesman, Banking and Defense Contract Mogul, CIA, CFR, Sec. Defense Rumsfeld’s rep. Europe & Defense advisor U.S. mission to NATO




W. Averell Harriman




Ambassador to USSR, Governor of NY


John Heinz




US Senator from Pennsylvania, 1977-91

Robert Kagan




Influential neocon, cofounded PNAC

John Kerry




US Senator from Massachusetts

Winston Lord




Yale Bonesman Class of 1959, US President of Council of Foreign Relations (CFR) 1977-1985, Ambassador to People’s Republic of China 1985- 1989, a time of dynamic change.


Henry R. Luce




Founded Time Magazine / CNN


Archibald Macleish






F. O. Matthiessen




American Renaissance

Robert D. McCallum, Jr.




Yale '68 Associate Attorney General; Assistant Attorney General Civil Division - Partner, Alston & Bird, Atlanta, GA; Rhodes Scholar


US Ambassador to Australia

Jack Edwin McGregor

Government / Business



2003 appointed Member Saint Lawrence Seaway Development Corp., General Counsel, U.S. Pay Board in the Cost of Living Council- 


Of Counsel, Cohen & Wolf. Principal, Freeborn Investors, LLC; CEO, Aquarion Company; Dirs, People's Bank (Connecticut's largest bank)Aquarion Water Company, CDG Technology, Inc., and the Connecticut Committee of the Regional Plan Association, Atlantic League of Professional Baseball Clubs, Barnum Museum, Bay State Gas Company (NYSE), Fairfield University, National Hockey League, University of Bridgeport, and Yale-New Haven Hospital.; Pres, Hampton-Douglas Corp (NY); Chmn 81, Hampton-Windsor Corp; 81- Chmn Intrntnl Water Resources, Ltd; Lawyer, Reed, Smith, Shaw & McClay (DC);


CEO Carey Energy Corp., a multinational oil company, was general counsel, U.S. Pay Board in the Cost of Living Council; VP, Gen Counsel 72-74, Potomac Electric Power Co; 71, w/US Dept of State Trustees 65- , Point Park College (Pittsburgh), 64-70 Western PA School for the Deaf; Mbr 62-70, PA State Senate; Pres 66-70, Pitts Hockey Club; Gov 67-69, Ntl Hockey League


Edward McNally

Attorney / Government



General counsel to Ridge in Department of Homeland Security, previously assistant U.S. attorney and a speechwriter for Bush




Dana Milbank




Washington Post White House reporter

Donald Grant Mitchell




Reveries of a Bachelor


John Negroponte




US Director of National Intelligence, 2005-07

William Walter Phelps




This Bonesman, Yale Class of 1860 was a NY banker and Congressman who was appointed to key judicial and embassy posts. 


Percy Rockefeller




Skull and Bones Yale Class of 1900




Thomas D. Rowe Jr.




Bonesman Yale 1964, Supreme Court law clerk, Rand Corporation, law prof. Duke, UVA, UCLA, Georgetown.


William Huntington Russell (1833)

Business / Government



Connecticut State Legislator

Stephen A. Schwarzman




Co-Founder, Blackstone Group


Frederick W. Smith




Founder and CEO of Federal Express


Harold Stanley




Bonesman 1908 founded the investment bank Morgan Stanley. Henry P. Davison Bones 1920 key partner in the Morgan banking and financial trust networks. 

Potter Stewart




US Supreme Court Justice

Henry L. Stimson




US Secretary of War 1911-13, 1940-45


Alphonso Taft




Attorney General under Grant


William Howard Taft

Head of State



27th US President, 1909-13


Strobe Talbott




Time journalist, US diplomat

Morrison Waite




US Supreme Court Chief Justice, 1874-88


G. Richard Wagoner, Jr.




The $$8.5 million dollar per year CEO of General Motors, G. Richard Wagoner Jr. is a Bonesman Class of 1977.






George Herbert Walker III


c. 1931


US Ambassador to Hungary


Andrew Dickson White




Bonesman Yale Class of 1853. He became active in Republican politics and was elected to the New York State Senate in January 1864, where he met his fellow senator, Ezra Cornell.


James Whitmore




Tora! Tora! Tora!

William C. Whitney




US Secretary of the Navy 1885-89


David Batshaw Wiseman




Attorney, Justice Department, Civil Division bonesman 1984







The Skull & Bones law firms are:

* Proskauer Rose, LLP represents Yale and Yale Law School
* Lord Day Lord
* Davis Polk Wardwell
* Simpson Thacher Bartlett
* Debevoise Plimpton Lyons & Gates
* Cravath Swaine & Moore
* Covington & Burling
* Dewey Ballantine Palmer & Woods
* Milbank Tweed Hadley & McCloy

Founders of skull and bones

·         William Huntington Russell (1833), Connecticut State Legislator; cousin of Samuel Russell who allegedly established Russell and Company for the "purpose of acquiring opium in Turkey and smuggling it to China"

·         Alphonso Taft (1832), U.S. Attorney General (1876-1877); Secretary of War (1876); Ambassador to Austria-Hungary (1882) and Russia (1884-1885); father of William Howard Taft

List of Notable skull and bones members

Government and Politics

·         Victor Ashe (1967), Tenn. State House (1968-1975); Tenn. State Senate (1976-1984); Mayor of Knoxville, Tenn. (1988-2003); appointed Ambassador to Poland (2004-Present) by George W. Bush

·         Roy Leslie Austin (1968), Appointed ambassador to Trinidad and Tobago by George W. Bush

·         Howard M. Baldridge (1918) - U.S. Representative (R-Nebraska 1931-1933)

·         Simeon Eben Baldwin (1861), Governor and Chief Justice, State of Connecticut; son of Roger Sherman Baldwin

·         Jonathan Brewster Bingham (1936), U.S. Representative (D-New York 1965-1983); Council on Foreign Relations

·         William Bissell, Governor of Illinois (1857-1860); brother of Richard M. Bissell, Jr.)

·         David Boren (1963), Governor of Oklahoma, U.S. Senator, President of the University of Oklahoma

·         Augustus Brandegee (1849), Speaker of the Connecticut State Legislature in 1861

·         Frank Bosworth Brandegee (1885), U.S. Representative (R-Connecticut 1902-1905); U.S. Senator (R-Connecticut 1905-1924)

·         James L. Buckley (1944), U.S. Senator (R-New York 1971-1977)

·         McGeorge Bundy (1940), Special Assistant for National Security Affairs; National Security Advisor; Professor of History

·         William P. Bundy (1939), State Department liaison for the Bay of Pigs invasion

·         George H. W. Bush (1948), 41st President of the United States; 43rd Vice-President of the United States; son of Prescott Bush; father of George W. Bush

·         George W. Bush (1968), 43rd President of the United States; Governor of Texas

·         Prescott Bush (1916), Father of George H.W. Bush, grandfather of George W. Bush

·         John Chafee (1947), U.S. Senator; Secretary of the Navy and Governor of Rhode Island; father of Lincoln Chafee

·         John Sherman Cooper (1923), U.S. Senator (R-Kentucky 1946-1949, 1952-73); member of the Warren Commission

·         Hugh Cunningham (1934), Rhodes Scholar; CIA

·         F. Trubee Davison (1918), Director of Personnel at the CIA

·         Endicott Peabody Davison (1948), George H.W. Bush lawyer

·         Chauncey Depew (1855), U.S. Senator (R-New York 1899-1911)

·         Richard Dale Drain (1943), CIA; co-authored early paper proposing the Bay of Pigs invasion, "A Program of Covert Action against the Castro Regime"

·         William Henry Draper III (1950), Chair of United Nations Development Programme and Import-Export Bank of the United States

·         William Maxwell Evarts (1837), U.S. Secretary of State; Attorney General; Senator; grandson of Roger Sherman

·         Evan G. Galbraith (1950), Ambassador to France; managing director of Morgan Stanley

·         William Henry Gleason (1853), Lt. Governor of Florida; founder of Eau Gallie, Florida; lawyer and land speculator

·         Averell Harriman (1913), U.S. Ambassador and Secretary of Commerce; Governor of New York; Chairman and CEO of the Union Pacific Railroad, Brown Brothers & Harriman, and the Southern Pacific Railroad; wife Pamela Churchill Harriman helped fund Bill Clinton's presidential campaign

·         H. J. Heinz II (1931), Heir to H. J. Heinz Company; father of H. John Heinz III

·         William Jorden (1925), U.S. Ambassador to Panama; National Security Council

·         John Kerry (1966), U.S. Senator (D-Massachusetts 1985-present); Lieutenant Governor of Massachusetts 1983-1985; 2004 Democratic Presidential nominee

·         Charles Edwin Lord (1949), U.S. Comptroller of the Currency

·         Winston Lord (1959), Chairman of Council on Foreign Relations; Ambassador to China; Assistant U.S. Secretary of State

·         Robert A. Lovett (1918), Partner of Prescott Bush at Brown Brothers Harriman; Secretary of Defense; "Father of the CIA"

·         Robert McCallum, Jr (1968), Ambassador to Australia

·         Lee McClung (1892), Yale Treasurer 1904-1909; U.S. Treasurer 1909-1912

·         Gifford Pinchot (1889), First Chief of U.S. Forest Service

·         Dino Pionzio (1950), CIA Deputy Chief of Station during Allende overthrow

·         Potter Stewart (1936), U.S. Supreme Court Justice

·         William Howard Taft (1878), 27th President of the United States; Chief Justice of the United States; Secretary of War; son of Alphonso Taft

·         Robert A. Taft (1910), U.S. Senator (R-Ohio 1939-1953)

·         Morrison R. Waite (1837), U.S. Supreme Court Justice

·         Howard Weaver (1945), CIA

·         Edward Baldwin Whitney (1878), New York Supreme Court Justice

·         William Collins Whitney (1863), U.S. Secretary of the Navy; New York City financier


·         Frederick Baldwin Adams (1900), Chairman of the West Indies Sugar Corp.

·         Thomas Cochran (1904), JP Morgan partner

·         Alfred Cowles (1913), Founder of the Cowles Commission

·         Henry P. Davison Jr. (1920), Senior partner at JP Morgan Guaranty Trust Company

·         Artemus Gates (1918), President of New York Trust Company, Union Pacific Railroad, TIME-Life, and Boeing Company

·         Robert Gow (1955), Business associate of George H. W. Bush; president of Bush's Zapata Oil

·         E. Roland Harriman (1917), Businessman; railroad executive; president of American Red Cross

·         Pierre Jay (1892), First chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York

·         Franc Kahn, Heir to Kahn Brothers Securities & Investments Group

·         H. Neil Mallon (1917), CEO of Dresser Industries where Prescott Bush served on the Board for 22 years along with E. Roland Harriman; gave George H.W. Bush his first job in 1948; namesake for Bush's son Neil Mallon Bush; "tried to be helpful to Allen Dulles in the CIA, especially in the procurement of individuals to serve in that important agency"

·         Percy Rockefeller (1900), Director of Brown Brothers Harriman, Standard Oil, and Remington Arms

·         Frederick W. Smith (1966), Founder of FedEx

·         Harold Stanley (1908), Founder of investment house Morgan Stanley

·         Alfred Gwynne Vanderbilt (1898), Son of Cornelius Vanderbilt II; brother of

·         Gertude Vanderbilt Whitney

·         George Herbert Walker, Jr. (1927), Financier and co-founder of the New York Mets; uncle to President George Herbert Walker Bush

·         Frederick E. Weyerhaeuser (1896), Heir to the Weyerhaeuser Paper Co.

·         Harry Payne Whitney (1894), Husband of Gertrude Vanderbilt Whitney; investment banker

·         Dean Witter, Jr. (1944), Son of the founder of investment house Dean Witter Reynolds


·         R. Inslee Clark, Jr. (1957), Director of Undergraduate Admissions who helped Yale become coeducational; former Headmaster of Horace Mann School

·         Timothy Dwight V (1849), Yale acting Treasurer 1887-1889, Yale President 1886-1899

·         John E. Ecklund (1938), Yale Treasurer 1966-1978; Partner in Bones-dominated New Haven law firm Dana & Wiggin

·         Charles Stafford Gage (1925), Yale Treasurer 1954-1966; member of Bones family firm Mathiesson Chemical

·         Daniel Coit Gilman (1852), Studied at the University of Berlin (1854-1855) under Karl Von Ritter and Friedrich Trendelenderg; attache to the American legation at St. Petersburg; 2nd President of the University of California; 1st President of Johns Hopkins University; President of the Carnegie Institution

·         Arthur T. Hadley (1876), Yale acting Treasurer 1909-1910,; Yale President 1899-1921

·         Henry Coit Kingsley (1834), Yale Treasurer 1862-1887; Daniel Coit Gilman's uncle

·         Charles Seymour (1908), President of Yale 1937-1951

·         Lawrence G. Tithe (1916), Yale Treasurer 1942-1954; Director/Partner Brown Brothers Harriman

·         Andrew Dickson White (1853), Co-founder and first President of Cornell University

Publications and Writing

·         Amory Howe Bradford (1934), General manager for the New York Times; CIA

·         William F. Buckley, Jr. (1950), Founder of National Review; author; CIA

·         Russell Davenport (1923), Editor of Fortune magazine; created Fortune 500 list

·         Briton Hadden (1920), Co-founder of Time-Life Enterprises

·         Henry Luce (1920), Co-founder of Time-Life Enterprises

Science and Engineering

·         John Rockefeller Prentice (1928), Grandson of John D. Rockefeller; pioneer of artificial insemination in farm animals as a means of improving their genetic pool


List of collegiate secret societies

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

There are numerous collegiate secret societies at American and Canadian colleges and universities. They vary in how secret they are, how much they function as an independent organization (versus being an 'in name only' honor), and how they are tied to the university, (if at all, often through the Dean's office or the alumni affairs office).

Strictly speaking, any society with society affairs, membership rolls, signs of recognition, or especially their initiation, kept secret from the public, can be counted as a secret society. College fraternities, or "social fraternities" meet this definition, but are not included here. At many universities, the singing groups, newspaper and other editorial boards, etc., often have secret initiatory processes, but they are also not included here.

Collegiate secret societies sometimes have Greek letter names, like fraternities, but often have names that derive from two elements in their emblems, such as Scroll & Key. Many of these groups were formed in imitation of Skull & Bones at Yale University. After the 1870's, Theta Nu Epsilon, (aka Skull & Keys), a former chapter of Skull & Bones, began chartering chapters nationally, spreading the basic concept and plan for collegiate secret societies to many universities, and many older societies today are traceable to this process.


Secret societies typically have emblems that identify membership. Death-inspired imagery is often associated with many secret societies, and clubhouses are often called "tombs".  Some senior class secret societies at certain universities are called "Final Clubs", although their purposes are somewhat different.  Also following the Yale model is the process of membership selection called "tapping".[1] At a previously, publicly announced evening, the Yale undergraduates would assemble informally in the College Yard. Current members of the Yale secret societies would walk through the crowd and literally tap prospective members on the shoulder and then walk with him (usually up into the tapped man's room in the dormitories), to privately ask him to become a member. Note that during the course of this process, it was plainly obvious to the whole college who was being tapped for the coming year. Tapping Day is probably a less anticipated event on the Yale campus today, and the tapping process never was perfectly followed as well at other universities, although there is a public ceremonial that happens today at Missouri, and did happen for many decades at Berkeley.


Below is a list of some well-known collegiate secret societies. The list is not exhaustive; new secret societies are founded each year and some older groups are not included.




·        1 Selected secret societies of colleges/universities in North America:

·        2 Secret societies of colleges/universities in Latin America:

·        3 Society systems in North American colleges and universities

·        4 Secret Societies of colleges/universities in Western Europe:

·        5 See also

·        6 References

·        7 Bibliography

8 External links

Selected secret societies of colleges/universities in North America:



College or University

Member limit

Active or honorary

The NoZe Brotherhood


Baylor University



Bishop James Madison Society

1812, 20th century

College of William and Mary



Flat Hat Club

1750, 1913-1943, 1972-present

College of William and Mary



Seven Society, Order of the Crown and Dagger


College of William and Mary



Philolexian Society


Columbia University


Latin society

Quill and Dagger


Cornell University


Class society

Casque and Gauntlet


Dartmouth College


Class society

The Sphinx


Dartmouth College


Class society

Dragon Society


Dartmouth College


Class society

Fire & Skoal


Dartmouth College


Class society



Dartmouth College


Class society

Abaris Society[2]


Dartmouth College


Class society

Cobra Society[3]


Dartmouth College


Class society

Gryphon Society[4]


Dartmouth College


Class society

D.V.S. Senior Honor Society


Emory University



Burning Spear Society


Florida State University



Anak Society


Georgia Institute of Technology



Eucleian Society


New York University


Latin society

Philomathean Society


New York University


Latin society

St. Anthony Hall


Princeton University


Class society

Cap and Skull


Rutgers University



Order of the Bull's Blood (actual existence is "highly questionable")


Rutgers University



The Order of the Red Lion


Rutgers University


Class society

The Squires Society


Southern Methodist University



The Machine


University of Alabama


Class society

Order of the Golden Bear


University of California, Berkeley


Free speech society

Petal and Thorn


University of Delaware



Florida Blue Key


University of Florida


Key society

The Senior Skull Honor Society


University of Maine

Senior Men


Iron Arrow Honor Society


University of Miami



Order of Angell


University of Michigan, Ann Arbor





University of Missouri-Columbia



Mystical Seven

known publicly since 1907

University of Missouri-Columbia



Society of Innocents


University of Nebraska-Lincoln



Order of Gimghoul


University of North Carolina


Class society

Order of the Gorgon's Head


University of North Carolina


Class society

The Philomathean Society


University of Pennsylvania


Latin society

The Eyes of Texas


University of Texas





University of Toronto


Class society

IMP Society


University of Virginia


Class society

Raven Society


University of Virginia


Class society

Seven Society


University of Virginia


Class society

Z Society


University of Virginia


Class society

Malt & Barley Editors


University of Wisconsin-Madison

Law school

Review editors



Washington University in St. Louis


Class Society

Theta Nu Epsilon


Wesleyan University


Class society



College of Charleston

"Upper Classmen"

"Men of Distinction"

Skull and Bones


Yale University


Class society

Scroll and Key


Yale University


Class society



Yale University


Class society

Book and Snake


Yale University


Class society

St. Anthony Hall


Yale University

Three year


Wolf's Head


Yale University


Class society



Yale University


Class society

Manuscript Society


Yale University


Class society

Sage and Chalice


Yale University



Mace and Chain


Yale University


Class society

Ox (Society)


Yale University


Class society


Secret societies of colleges/universities in Latin America:



College or University


Member limit

Active or honorary


OFUS Sigma Mi [5]



Mexico (Monterrey)


Class society

Existing and active


Society systems in North American colleges and universities

Dartmouth College

Main article: Dartmouth College student groups#Senior societies

Dartmouth's Office of Residential Life states that the earliest senior societies on campus date to 1783 and "continue to be a vibrant tradition within the campus community."[1] Six of the eight senior societies keep their membership secret, while the other societies maintain secretive elements. According to the college, "approximately 25% of the senior class members are affiliated with a senior society."[1] The college's administration of the society system at Dartmouth focuses on managing membership and tapping lists, and differs from that of Yale's, though there are historical parallels between the two colleges' societies.[2][3]

Harvard University

Main article: Final_club

Harvard contains its own variant of historic and secretive undergraduate fraternal (there are also sororal) organizations. The Final Clubs are not referred to in Cambridge as 'secret societies' only because in the Harvard context, that appellation is unnecessary to convey characteristics identical to collegiate 'secret societies' elsewhere. Principal amongst these are secretiveness about their respective selection/election procedures, which has always prompted debate about elitism, total opacity with regard to their initiation and meeting rituals, avoidance of public posting of full membership lists, and maintenance of their buildings by alumni trust organizations. The notable variation is in their size, approximately sixty students per club (Yale societies have 15-16 seniors only). Furthermore, several do permit non-members inside their buildings in the company of members at specified times of the week (or only let in guests of the opposite sex but not of the same sex of the members). However the Porcellian and the Delphic never allow any non-member undergraduates inside their buildings, and non-member Harvard faculty only in very rare instances. "Punch Season" and the "Final Dinner" is analogous to "Tap" at Yale. Final Clubs at Harvard include:[6][7]

All male

·        Fox

·        Spee, formerly the fraternity Zeta Psi

·        Owl

·        A.D., a successor of the fraternity Alpha Delta Phi

·        Delphic (circa 1888), a successor of the fraternity Alpha Delta Phi

·        Fly Club, (1836), a successor of the fraternity Alpha Delta Phi

·        The Phoenix - S K Club (1897)

·        Porcellian (1791, originally called The Argonauts), the most famous and often bracketed with Yale's Skull and Bones

All female (established 1991 or later)

·        Bee (1991)

·        The Isis (2000)

·        The Sablière Society

·        The Pleiades


·        The Signet Society, a Harvard literary club rather than a Final Club, is also regarded on campus and by members as a 'semi-secret' society.

Yale University

Main article: List of Yale University student organizations#Senior societies

The term "Secret society" at Yale encompasses organizations with many shared but not necessarily identical characteristics. The oldest surviving undergraduate secret societies at Yale derive from various 19th c. fraternal organization traditions, rooted in the Enlightenment society-founding boom [8], and therefore the term "secret society" at Yale encompasses a variety of models: senior-only versus three-year, with or without Greek letters, affiliated with other campus chapters or stand-alone entities. From 1854-1956, "Sheff", the Sheffield Scientific School was the sciences and engineering college of Yale University, and it also had a fraternal culture that differed in some respects from the humanities campus, further enriching (and complicating) the picture. [9] Yale's history contains numerous fraternal organizations that have become defunct, those remaining survived owing to confluences of endowments, real estate, and the vigor of their respective alumni organizations and their charitable Trusts. [10][11] Across this spectrum, common features of Yale secret societies are that they (usually) have fifteen members per class, they own their "tomb" which is wholly or partially closed to non-members (unlike a club such as the Elizabethan Club whose members may bring their guests). Secret societies at Yale "tap" their members, mostly on the same "Tap Night", and a member is off-limits to recruitment by another secret society, i.e. reciprocal exclusivity -- in contrast to Yale's singing groups which also "tap", but whose members may also join a society. As hybrids like Sage and Chalice and St. Anthony Hall demonstrate, it is not possible to draw clear distinctions between these secretive organizations. Yale's Buildings and Grounds Department refers to some as "senior societies" in its online architectural database.[12] The Yale Alumni Magazine contains historical references to fraternities also possessing "tombs". A series of articles on Dartmouth and Yale secret society architecture provides an overview of the buildings as "a uniquely American representation of the joining spirit, (that) are crucial to an understanding of the organizations they represent." [13]

Several societies were cited in the Official Preppy Handbook, including Skull and Bones, Scroll and Key and St. Anthony Hall.

As an aside, the linguistic tendency at Yale for mortuary-themed concepts, i.e. tombs (read silence of a tomb), and the prevalence of Yale men in the creation of the U.S. intelligence community [14] may be why the term "spook" (an undergraduate society member) became a colloquialism for a spy. (For more on Yale secret society members' influences on intelligence agencies, see the book Cloak and Gown: Scholars in the Secret War, 1939-1961 by historian Robin W. Winks)

University of Iowa Although the date cannot be confirmed as of yet, there is a secret honorary society of women academics that apparently started in 1975. Known as "The Tennyo," 15 women who were frustrated by a highly sexist ivory tower, decided to develop strong networks for publication, fund raising and professional development in private. They belonged to various disciplines and departments throughout the university.

They borrowed from the Japanese folk tales about Tennyo goddesses who were quite curious about human civilization on earth. Oftentimes, seduced by men, these goddesses were forced to give up the magical part of themselves in order to remain on earth--torn between their heavenly existence and earthly one, Tennyo were both melancholy and full of lament.

The Tennyo at the University of Iowa believed that women would never be fully successful in the academy without private and secretly shared resources. They boast of an international membership that is highly exclusive. It is said that although they support all women in the academy, not all women in the academy were equipped to be leaders and members of the Tennyo. Using traditional images of goddesses, members were invited through a postcard. Higher ranking officials supposedly wore the ancient image of the earth goddess.

Women academics claim to have received fellowships, child care, dissertation office rentals, publication opportunities with a signed card from the anonymous "Tennyo."


Secret Societies of colleges/universities in Western Europe:

University of Cambridge, England

·        Cambridge Apostles (1820)

Uppsala University, Sweden

·        Juvenalorden (1907)

Radboud University Nijmegen, Netherlands

·        De Gong (1927)

University of Lisbon, Law School, Portugal

·        Tertvlia Libertas (a masonic lodge) (1981)


See also

·        Fraternities and sororities


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External links

·          "How the Secret Societies Got That Way", Yale Alumni Magazine (September 2004)

·          "Halls, Tombs and Houses: Student Society Architecture at Dartmouth"

·          "Four Years at Yale" A late 19th Century contemporary account of fraternal societies at two Connecticut Universities: Yale & Wesleyan[[

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Skull & Bones aka Scull & Bones Members 1900 to Present

Bonesmen 1900 to present


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Hulbert Taft
Frederick Baldwin Adams
Frederic Winthrop Allen
Stuart Brown Camp
Frank Dexter Cheney
John Walter Cross
Malcolm Douglas
James Cowan Greenway
John Morgan Hopkins
Ashley Day Leavatt
George Armstrong Lyon
Brace Whitman Paddock
Percy Avery Rockefeller
Corliss Esmonde Sullivan


James Mandeville Carlisle
Thomas Langdon Cheney
Henry Hall Christian
Sherman Lockwood Coy
Philip Cheney
Richard Henry Edwards
John Shepard Eels
Robert Hixon
Warren J. Hoysradt
John Arthur Keppelman
Ray Morris?
Allan Harvey Richardson
George Arnold Welch
Alfred Parks Wright?


Alfred Ludlow Ferguson?
George Boone Carpenter?
Alfred Miller Cressler?
Charles Cyprian Strong Cushing
William Edwards Day?
Raymond Gano Guernsey?
Roderick Potter?
Bronson Case Rumsley?
Frank H. Sincerrbeaux?
Alan McLean? Taylor?
Harold Stone?
Joseph Rockwell Swan?
Mason Throwbridge?
Percy Gardiner White?


George Brewster Chadwick?
Harold Terry Clark?
Erastus Corning?
John Martin Dreisbach?
Chauncey Jerome Hamlin?
Brower Hewitt?
Henry Chandler Holt
Albert Richard Lamb?
Frank Wood Moore?
Stuart Bruen Sutphin?
Donald Thompson?
Henry Mitchell Wallace?
Antonio Johnston Waring?
John Richards White?
Frederick William Wilhelmi?





Russell Cheney
Thomas Cochran?
Winthrop Murray Crane, Jr.?
Walter Snell Cross?
Francis Talmage Dodge?
Percy Hall Jennings?
John Caspar Kittle?
Harold Grant Metcalf?
James Ely Miller?
Frederick Erastus Pierce?
Lansing Parmalee Reed?
Willard Burr Soper?
Thomas Day Thacher?
Thomas Thacher
Allan Wardwell?
Frederick H. Wiggin?


 Arthur Howe Bradford?
Berrien Hughes?
John Stoughton Ellsworth?
Stuyvesant Fish?
James Joseph Hogan?
Buell Hollister
John Hiram Lathrop?
Gardner Richardson?
Edmund Pendleton Rogers?
Murray Sargent?
John Sloane?
Robert Fingland Tilney II?
Harold McLeod Turner
William Knickerbocker Van Reypen, Jr.?
Edwin Sheldon Whitehouse?


Donald Bruce?
 Louis deVierville Dousman?
 Grosvenor Ely?
 Alexander Rex Flynn?
 Lydic Hoyl?
 John Gillespie MaGee?
 James Gore King McClure, Jr.?
 Donald Ashbrook McGee?
 William S. Moorhead?
 Frank O'Brien?
 Lee James Perrin?
 Foster Harry Rockwell?
 Bruce Donald Smith?
 Spencer Turner?
 Hugh Robert Wilson?


 George Coolidge Tuttle?
 William Deluce Barnes?
 William McCormick Blair?
 Arthur Goodwin Camp?
 Forest Leonard Daniels?
 Richard Ely Danielson?
 Theodore Polehemus Dixon?
 Philip Lyndon Dodge?
 Georges Brette Glaenzer?
 Hugh Smith Knox?
 Mitchell Stuart Little?
 Samuel Finley Brown Morse?
 Calvin Truesdale?
 Harold Sherman Wells?
 Heathcote Morison Woolsey?






Lucius Horatio Biglow?
 George Dahl?
 Walter Goodwin Davis?
 Tyson Dines?
 Joseph Taylor Foster?
 Dwight Torrey Griswold?
 Lester William Perrin?
 Charles Seymour?
 Roger Bulkley Shepard?
 Harold Stanley?
 James Carlton Thorton?
 George Henry Townsend?
 Charles Law Watkins?
 James Willard Williams?


Harvey Hollister Bundy?
 Hollister Bundy?
 Robert Boyd Burch?
 Charles Soutter Campbell?
 Avery Artison Clark?
 Gayer Gardner Dominick?
 James Merriam Howard?
 Henry Almy Howe?
 Edward Francis Jefferson?
 Allen Trafford Klots?
 Henry Lippitt?
 John Bates Perrin?
 Stuart Craig Rand?
 Benjamin Sanderson?
 Mortimer Ashmfad Seabury?
 Harold Phelps Stokes?


 Edward Harris Coy?
 Stanhope Bayne-Jones?
 Albert De Silver?
 Charles Pascal Franchot?
 Robert Dudley French?
 George Leslie Harrison?
 John Heron?
 Lyndon Marrs King?
 Augustus Knight?
 Walter Seth Logan?
 Carl Albert Lohmann?
 Frederick James Murphy?
 Stephen Philbin II?
 Robert Alphonso Taft
 R.A. Wodell?

Clinton Wildes Davis?
 Sherwood Sunderland Day?
 Cornelius Ennis Lombardi?
 Paul Bradford Badger?
 Alan Lyle Corey?
 Frederick Joseph Daly?
 John Bourne Dempsey?
 Arthur Amory Gammell?
 Frederick Walton Hyde?
 John Vincent Mc Donnell?
 Francis Fitz Randolph?
 John T. Rowland?
 Leslie Soule?
 Henry Brinsmade VanSinderen?
Lawrence R. Wheeler?






Robert Abbe Gardner?
 Donald R. Hyde?
 Henry Abbott Street?
 Edwin Augustus Strout, Jr.?
 Alexander Campbell Tener?
 Francis T. Boyd?
 Cavour Hartley?
 Arthur Howe?
 Archibald McClure?
 Henry Newton Merritt?
 Frederic Parsons Mullins?
 Charles Henry Paul?
 J. Gregory Smith?
 Edward Bancroft Twombly?
Gerald Clery Murphy?


Calvin Durand Allen?
 Clarence Emir Allen, Jr.?
 Richard Wheeler Baker?
 Colgate Henry Auchincloss?
 George Bruce Cortelyou
 Alfred Cowles?
 Archer Harman?
 W. Averell Harriman
 August Sidney Lovett?
 Jesse Holladay Philbin?
 Homer Eugene Sawyer, Jr.?
 Allan Shelden?
William Otis Waters?


Benjamin F. Avery?
 Percy Gillette Cornish, Jr.?
 Thomas Leonard Daniels?
 Gile Clement Moses?
 George Gill Jones?
 Henry Holman Ketcham?
 Stoddard King?
 William Jackson Lippincott?
 Richard Osborn?
 George Washington Patterson?
 Herman Livingston Rogers?
 Lorrin Andrews Shepard?
 William Candee Warren, Jr.?
Edwin A. Buritt?







Lyon Carter?
 Thomas Hilary Cornell?
 Stephen Rintoul Davenport?
 Thomas Bayne Denegre?
 Ranald Mac Donald II?
 Archibald Mac Leish?
 Louis Shelton Middlebrook?
 Irving Paris?
 Harold Armstrong Pumpelly?
 John Sylvester Reilly?
 William Martindale Shedden?
 Edwin Lyon Slocum?
 Edward James Stackpole?
Walker Ely Swift?


Arthur Burr Darling?
 Samuel Gourdin Gaillard, Jr.?
 Morris Hadley?
 Henry Webb Johnstone?
 Farwell Knapp
 Wesley M. Oler?
 Gilbert Edwin Porter III?
 Phelps Putnam?
 Charles Holmes Roberts, Jr?
 Donald Carrington Shepard?
 Donald Ogden Stewart?
 Kinley John Tener?
 Laurence Gotzian Tighe?
 Herman Vademar Von Holt?
 Charles Rumford Walker?
 Alfred Rammond Bellinger?


Prescott Sheldon Bush
 Henry Sage Fenimore Cooper?
 Oliver Bulg Cunnigham?
 Samuel Sloan Duryee?
 Edward Roland "Bunny" Noel Harriman
 Henry Peter Isham?
 Ellery Sedgewick James?
 Harry William Le Gore?
 Henry Neil Mallon?
 Albert William Olsen?
 John William Overton?
 Frank Parsons Shepard, Jr.?
 Kenneth Farrand Simpson?
 Knight Woolley?
Allen Wallace Ames?


Howard Malcolm Baldridge?
 Cassius Marcellus Clay?
 F. Trubee Davison
 Robert Barr Deans?
 Newell Garfield?
 Artemus L. Gates
 Gould James?
 Robert Abercrombie Lovett?
 Raymond Franklin Snell?
 Charles Jacob Stewart?
 Charles Phelps Taft?
 John Martin Vorys?
 John Eliot Woolley?
 Parker Breese Allen?






Sherman Baldwin?
 Alan Barnette Campbell?
 Frederic Dewhurst Carter?
 Canson Goodyear Depew?
 Edward McCrady Gaillard?
 Hamilton Hadley?
 Charles C. Haffner, Jr.?
 John Howard Mallon?
 Alexander Agnew McCormick, Jr.?
 Elmore Mcneill McKee?
 Winter Mead
 James Sanford Otis?
 Traver Smith?
 George Nesmith Walker?
Lewis G. Adams?

Harry Pomeroy Davison
 Frank Peavey Heffelfinger?
 John Morris Hincks?
 Francis Thayer Hobson?
 David Sinton Ingalls?
 Henry Robinson Luce
 James Mc Henry?
 Morehead Patterson?
 Theodore Lee Safford?
 Joseph Weir Sargent?
 Alfred Cosler Schermerhorn?
 De Forest Van Slyck?
 Daniel R. Winter?
John Sidney Acosta?


Charles Harvey Bradley?
 Walter Rice Brewster?
 Frederick McGeorge Bundy?
 William Sheffield Cowles?
 Bartow Lewis Heminway?
 Stephen Young Hord?
 Marcien Jenckes?
 Willard David Litt?
 Storer Boardman Lunt?
 James E. Neville?
 Langdon Parsons?
 Edward Leonard Shevlin?
 John Stewart?
 Edwin Wheeler Winter II?
 Malcolm Pratt Aldrich?


James Smith Bush
 Ward Cheney
 Albert Hastings Crosby?
 Albert Carl Frost, Jr.?
 Frederick Whitney Hilles?
 Robert Johnson Larner?
 William Galey Lord
 Robert Guthrie Page?
 Lee Patterson?
 Wells Root?
 Robert Folger Solley?
 Henry Barnard Strong?
 John Allen Miner Thomas?
 Frederic dePeyster Townsend, Jr.?
 Stanley Woodward?
G. Campbell Becket?






Jonathan Ogden Bulkey?
 John Sherman Cooper?
 Russell Wheeler Davenport?
 Huntington T. Day?
 Maxwell E. Foster?
 Louis Kepler Hyde, Jr.?
 Ralph Edward Jordan?
 Charles Pinckney Luckey?
 Francis Otto Matthiessen
 George Washington Norton, Jr.?
 Bernard Berenger Pelly?
 Alfred Newton Wheeler
Henry Elisha Allen?

George Frederick Baer Appel?
 Edwin Foster Blair?
 John Cabot Diller?
 Sherman Ewing?
 Thomas Frederick David Haines?
 George Wright Peavy Heffelfinger?
 Charles Dewey Hilles, Jr.?
 Walter Edwards Houghton?
 William Thompson Lusk?
 William Neely Mallory?
 Revell Mc Callum?
 William Davis Melton, Jr.?
 Charles Merville Spofford?
 Clifton Samuel Thomson?
 William Preston Johnston?


Rushton Leigh Ardrey?
 Frank Davis Ashburn?
 Edward Cajetan Bench?
 William Truesdale Bissell?
 James Grant Blair?
 Charles Stafford Gage?
 Gerard M. Ives?
 Walter Clyde Jones?
 Winslow Meston Lovejoy?
 Richard John Luman?
 William Bunnell Norton?
 Henry Clarkson Scott?
 Marvin A. Stevens?
 Donald D. Stevenson?
Daniel Allen?


James Davis Bronson?
 Henry Cornice Coke, Jr.?
 Henry Stetson Crosby?
 Benjamin Crawford Cutler?
 John A Davenport?
 Alfred L. Ferguson, Jr.?
 John A. Mc Hoysradt?
 Howard Thayer Kingsbury?
 Oswald Bates Lord?
 Anthony Lee Michel?
 Charles Graydon Poore?
 Reginald Dean Root?
 Frank Ford Russell?
 Richard Lodge Tighe?
 Charles Hastings Willard?
Phil W. Bunnell?






Allen M. Look?
 Harris Mc Intosh?
 Lawrence Mason Noble?
 Thomas Cleveland Patterson?
 Russell Lee Post?
 Wallace Parks Richie?
 William Wells Robbins?
 Frederick Flower Robinson?
 Anson Phelps Stokes, Jr.?
 George Herbert Walker, Jr.?
 Edward Rogers Wardwell?
 John Davock Warren?
 Charles Watson III?
Dana Treat Bartholomew?


George Bart Berger, Jr.?
 Charles Tiffany Bingham?
 Dwight Brown Fishwick?
 Herbert Stanton Griggs, Jr.?
 George Winthrop Haight?
 Barton Lee Mallory, Jr.?
 John Rockefeller Prentice?
 Howard Copland Robertson, Jr.?
 Lancelot Patrick Ross?
 Stewart Patterson Scott?
 Peter Hellwege Stewart?
 Stoughton Walker
Albert Blackhurst Ashforth?


Granger Kent Costikyan?
 George Crile, Jr.?
 Edmund Lockwood Decker, Jr.?
 Washington Dodge?
 Maxon Hunter Eddy?
 John Joseph Garvey?
 Kenrick S. Gillespie?
 Manasses Jacob Grove?
 Hiram Edward Manville, Jr.?
 Henry Riddle Merrill?
 Ralph D. Paine, Jr.?
 Lloyd Hilton Smith?
 Damon de Blois Wack?
 George Wells II?
Robert Seaman Allison, Jr.?


 Harland Montgomery Ellis?
 Raymond Walleser Ellis?
 Albert DeW Erskine, Jr.?
 Walter Wood Garnsey?
 Waldo Wittenmyer Greene?
 Samuel Lawrence Gwin?
 Robert A. Hall?
 Charles Anderson Janeway?
 Louis Williams Ladd, Jr.?
 George B. Longstreth?
 Frank Byron Look?
John Miller Musser?
1930 Arthur Edward Palmer?
1930 Tom Prideaux?
1930 David Edward Austen?


Gaylord Donnelley?
 Henry John Heinz II
 Lewis Abbot Lapham?
 Frederic William Loeser?
 William A. Lydgate?
 Robert L. Messimer, Jr.?
 William Learned Peitz?
 Joseph Cornelius Rathborne?
 James Ross Stewart?
 Walter Moore Swoope?
 Luther B.D. Tucker?
 Francis T. Vincent?
 John Mercer Walker?
F.B. Adams, Jr.?


Herster D. Barres?
 Emmert Warren Bates?
 George Hopper Fitch?
 Robert Brank Fulton?
 S.Hazard Gillespie Jr.?
 William Van Derveer Hodges, Jr.?
 Mortimer Hamlin Laundon, Jr.?
 John Townsend Lindenberg?
 John Reagan Mc Crary, Jr.?
 James Paul Mills?
 Eugene Gladstone O'Neill, Jr.?
 Alfred Ogden?
 Bouifelle Savage, Jr.?
 Samuel Goode Williams?
Samuel Smith Caldwell, Jr.?


Francis Judd Cooke?
 Richard Marden Davis?
 Alexander Charles Fletcher?
 William Smith Garnsey?
 Frederick Bagry Hall, Jr.?
 Theodore S. Jones?
 Walter B. Levering?
 Frances Vinton Lindley?
 John Michael McGauley?
 James Quigg Newton, Jr.?
 Robert Boyd Parker?
 Henry Mc Ilvaine Parsons?
 M. Parsons?
 Hart Lyman Stebbins?
John Smith Wilbur?

Amory Howe Bradford?
 Hugh Terry Cunningham?
 George Arthur Gordon?
 John Folsom Hallett?
 Thomas Edward Hambleton Harper, Jr.?
 Harry Halsted Holmes?
 John Grier?
 John Herrick Jackson?
 Johm M. Kilcullen?
 Walter S. Kimball
 Edward Ensign Mills?
 John Bolt Morse?
 Edward Nichols?
 George Alfred Ranney?
 Eugene William Stetson, Jr.?
John Eliot Bowles?






Samuel Carnes Collier?
 Francis Clare Curtin?
 Stanley Evert Fuller?
 Joseph.Hale Johnson?
 William Skinner Kilborne?
 John Sargent Pillsbury, Jr.?
 Thomas Rodd III?
 Charles Seymour, Jr.?
 Roger Bulkley Shepard, Jr.?
 Lyman B. Spitzer, Jr.?
 George Schley Stillman?
 H.P.Baldwin Terry?
 Bowen Charleton Tufts?
Richard James Barr, Jr.?


Jonathan Brewster Bingham?
 Robert Barbour Cooke?
 Horace Webber Davis II?
 James Bulloch Dunwody
 Frederick Peter Haas?
 Jesse Angell Hall?
 John Richard Hersey?
 John Merrill Knapp?
 Richard Anthony Moore?
 Edmund Pennington Pillsbury?
 B. Courtney Rankin?
 B. Shepard?
 Robert Train?
 Louis Walker?
 Mather Kimbal Whitehead?
Dexter B. Blake?


F.H. Brooke, Jr.?
 Charles Clinton Burke, Jr.?
 Richard James Cross?
 Arthur Joy Draper?
 John Warner Field?
 L.M. Kelley?
 John Briggs Mc Lemore, Jr.?
 Richard Curtis Miles?
 William H. Orrick, Jr.?
 John Trunbull Robinson?
 John Felch Bertram Runnals?
 Louis T. Stone, Jr.?
 H.M. Turner?
Bradford Warwick Davenport?


James Howard Dempsey, Jr.?
 Joseph Richardson Dilworth?
 Lawrence Boardman Dunham, Jr.?
 John E. Ecklund?
 Joseph Carrere Fox?
 Clinton E. Frank?
 Edward McGuire Gordon?
 Albert Hessberg II?
 Raymond White Lapham?
 Amos Egmont Schermerhorn?
 Joseph B. Stevens, Jr.?
 John R. Thompson?
 George Haines Weed?
 Francis Slingluff Whitman, Jr.?
 Richard Emery Wilbur?
Gaspard d'Andelot Belin?






Jerred Gurley Blanchard?
 William Putman Bundy?
 George Hastings Chittenden?
 Lowell Melcher Clucas?
 Arthur Delma Dyess, Jr.?
 Clement D. Gile?
 Archibald Robinson Hoston, Jr.?
 W.W. Kellogg?
 Andrew Otterson Miller?
 Charles Lewis Miller, Jr.?
 Harry H. Mitchell?
 Lloyd Montgomery Sheapard, Jr.?
 Frederick William Wilhelmi, Jr.?
 Burch Williams?
Mc George Bundy?

Thomas Franklin Erickson?
 Charles C. Glover III?
 James Gordon Grayson?
 Reuben A. Holden?
 Harold Howe II?
 Andrew Downey Orrick?
 David B. Rodd?
 Joseph William Stack Jr.?
 Albert B. Stevens?
 Peter Gordon Bradley Stillman?
 William McDowell Stucky?
 Edward Francis Swenson, Jr.?
 Peter Brinckerhoff Thorne?
 William Berkley Watson, Jr.?
W.R. Cross, Jr.?


Donald S. Devor, Jr.?
 F.Henry Ellis Jr.?
 Edward Tuck Hall?
 William E. Jackson?
 Delaney Kiphuth?
 John Beckwith Madden?
 Lawrence Kimball Pickett?
 Charles Baird Price Jr.?
 Peter O.A. Solbert?
 Charles P. Stevenson?
 Walton D. Thomas?
 Laurence Gotzian Tighe, Jr.?
 Warren Benton White?
 William Gardiner White?
Barry Zorthian?


William Anderson Aycrigg II?
 Alan Edmund Bartholemy?
 William Tompkins Bell?
 Rene Auguste Chouteau?
 William Ford?
 Cary Travers Grayson, Jr.?
 Ralph Wetmore Halsey, Jr.?
 Fred Harold Harrison?
 J.B. Jessup?
 J.B. Kemp?
 George W. Kirchwey?
 Howard Freeman Smith, Jr.?
 Frank Arnoit Sprole?
 John S. Walker?
David Campton Acheson?





George Peck Caulkins, Jr.?
 John H. Daniels?
 Duncan Hunter Doolittle?
 Richard Dale Drain?
 Harold Harris Healy, Jr.?
 Donald Wright Hoagland?
 Allen Trafford Klotts, Jr.?
 Frank Walder Liley, Jr.?
 John Helm McLean?
 Dudley Livingston Miller?
 Spencer Dumaresq Mosely?
 Zeph Stewart?
 John Kaye Tabor?
 Tom D. Vogt?
Samuel Taylor Glover Brown?


James Lane
 Shehand Daniel Elebash?
 Alexander Ellis, Jr.?
 James Lord Ferguson?
 John Bannister Goodenough?
 William Cabell Grayson?
 John Morgan Holden?
 Townsend Walter Hoopes?
 W.C. Kelly II?
 David A. Lindsay?
 Stuart W. Little?
 Jeffrey Pond Walker?
 James Allen Whitmore, Jr.?
 Dean Witter, Jr.?
Archibald J..Allen, Jr.?


Gilman Dorr Blake, Jr
 Walter Henderson Brown?
 John Carey?
 William Judkins Clark?
 L. Connick?
 George Cook III?
 Edwin Lyon Dale, Jr.?
 Endicott Peabody Davison?
 Hobart Evans Early?
 Francis Bolton Elwell, Jr.?
 Archer Harman, Jr.?
 Gordon Buckland Huribut, Jr.?
 R.Vincent Lynch?
 Benjamin Thomas McElroy?
 Guy Ennis Mc Gaughey, Jr.?




William S. Moorhead?
 Irving Seaman, Jr.?
 Josiah Augustus Spaulding?
 William S. Sumner?
 Elliot Evans Vose?
 George U. Warren?
 Valleau Wilke?
 Charles Booth Alling, Jr.? George Burgwin Holmes?
Thomas Ridgway Mallon?
Phillip O'Brien Jr.?
Charles Pratt W Twichell?
W Winthrop Ross Wickwire?





Edward Williamson Andrews, Jr.?
 William M. Boulos (Bouliaratis)?
 David Bennet Bronson?
 John M. Chafee?
 John George Gilpin Finley?
 William Skinner Goedecke?
 Donald Loyal Leavenworth?
 James I. Moore?
 Frank O'Brien, Jr.?
 Charles Edward Palmer?
 Richard Rollins Read?
 H.C. Robinson, Jr.?
 Carl Tucker, Jr.?
 Charles Sheldon Whitehouse?
Thomas William Ludlow Ashley?


Lucius Horatio Biglow, Jr.?
 George Herbert Walker Bush
 John Ervin Caulkins?
 William James Connelly, Jr.?
 David Charles Grimes?
 Richard Elwood Jenkins?
 Richard Gesrtle Mack?
 Thomas Wilder Moseley?
 G.H. Pfau, Jr.?
 Samuel Sloan Walker,Jr.?
 Howard Sayer Weaver?
 Valleau Wilkie, Jr.?
Richard Pfeifer Baribault

Barton Bradley Bassett II?
 Rev. William.S. Coffin, Jr.?
 Daniel Pomeroy Davison?
 Robert M. Goodyear?
 J. B. Hollister, Jr.?
 A. Lavelli, Jr.?
 Joseph McCarrell Leiper?
 David McCord Lippincott?
 Charles Edwin Lord II?
 Peter Wende Lufkin, Sr.?
 George T.P. Raymond?
 Franklin Goldwaithe Sherrill?
 Vance Van Dine?
John Gerald Breen?

William Frank Buckley, Jr.
 William Draper III?
 Victor H. Frank, Jr.?
 Evan Griffith Galbraith?
 Thomas Henry Guinzburg?
 Victor William Henningsen, Jr.?
 Philip Sperry Kemp?
 Paul Christopher Lambert?
 Sidney Lovett?
 Charles Pinckney Luckey?
 William Mac Leish?
 Robert Mc Lean III?
 Dino John Pionzio?
Donald Carrington Shepard?





Thomas Hill Anderson?
 John W. Eden?
 Garrison McClintock Noel Ellis?
 G. Corson Ellis, Jr.?
 Ralph Frank Love?
 Chauncey F. Lufkin?
 Craig Mathews?
 Charles Theodore Mayer?
 Thomas Philip McNamara?
 Raymond Kissam Price,Jr.?
 Edward Snover Reed?
 Richard Warren Russell?
 Joseph Mather Ryan?
 Charles R.S. Shepard?
Donlan Vincent Aberg, Jr.?


Fergus Reid Buckley?
 Abram Claude, Jr.?
 Andrew Jackson Connick?
 Paul Fessenden Cruikshank, Jr.?
 Colin Tobias Eisler?
 Graham Stanley Finney?
 Charles S. Haight, Jr.?
 John Winslow Hincks?
 Frank Dutton Kittredge?
 George Brooke Roberts, Jr.?
 Edward Charles Senay?
 Robert Samuel Spears?
 Martin W. Vorys?
 Jonathan Duncan Bulkey?


Jonathan James Bush?
 William Henry Donaldson?
 Edwin A. Durham II?
 Christy Payne Emerson?
 Dan Wende Lufkin?
 John Birnie Marshall?
 James Price Mc Lane?
 John Dennis Menton?
 Joseph Berry Mitinger?
 Lawerence Mason Noble, Jr.?
 David A. Novkov?
 George Herbert Walker III?
 John William Weber?
 Harold Edward Woodsum, Jr.?
 Harry Bryner Benninghoff?


T. Boyd Evans?
 S. Joseph Fortunato?
 Richard C. Gifford?
 Arthur R. Gisen, Jr.?
 Richard Hyde Hiers?
 Walter C. Kilrea?
 Russell William Meyer, Jr.?
 Thruston Ballard Morton, Jr.?
 Richard Frank Polich?
 Ross E. Price?
 Robert Gordon Reponen?
 Thomas D. Rowe, Jr.?
 Allan A. Ryan III?
 Spencer Jason Schnaitter?
 Francis Henry Slade?
Edmund Braxton Thorton?






Lloyd Thomas Bryan, Jr.?
 Stephen Elliott De Forest?
 Gerald F. Fehr?
 Richard Haigh Gow
 Charles Grady Green?
 Hugh G. Guidotti?
 Roger Allen Hansen?
 Franklin Donald Hudson?
 Philip Mathias II?
 David G. Mc Cullough?
 Thorne Martin Shugart?
 Richard Cooke Steadman?
 Ray Carter Walker
Howard D. Banks?


James Emanuel Boasberg III?
 Andrew Squire Dempsey?
 C. Gibson Durfee, Jr.?
 Caldwell Blakesman Esselstyn, Jr.?
 Milton J. Gaines?
 Ingalls, Jr. David Sinton?
 Thomas Crawford Jamieson, Jr.?
 Terrence R. Malloy?
 Jack F. Mc Gregor?
 James Paul Menton?
 Andrew Alexander Orr?
 James Breckinridge Speed?
 Peter A. Traphagen?
Stephen H. Ackerman?


Ralph David Bowman?
 Ray Allen Carlsen?
 Russell Inslee Clark, Jr.?
 Charles W. Cushman?
 George J. Dunn?
 Peter B. Fritzche?
 Vernon R. Loucks, Jr.?
 Anthony Hookey Loughran?
 Richard Anthony Lumpkin?
 John P. Oberlin?
 L. Guy Palmer II?
 Wallace Parks Ritchie, Jr.?
 John W. Somerville?
 William Bruce Williams?
Charles E. Allen?


Linden Stanley Blue?
 John A. Cassel?
 Ronald Lawton Cheney?
 Lt. Gen. Robert Edgar Cushman, Jr.?
 John Frank Embersits?
 Gary Woodson Howe?
 Robert Willis Morey, Jr.?
 John Fowler Pendexter?
 Howard T. Phelan?
 Russell Lee Post, Jr.?
 John Louis Preston?
 Robert Campbell Shackelford?
 Thomas Beardsley Wheeler?
Stephen Adams?






William Camp Bodman?
 James Joseph Connors, III?
 John Parick Cooke?
 Alexander Tonio Ercklentz?
 Erik Canfield Esselstyn?
 James Tierney Hemphill?
 John Holbrook, Jr.?
 Charles C. Kingsley?
 Richard Bissett Lightfoot?
 Winston Lord?
 Michael B. Mayor?
 James Rockwell Sheffield?
 Peter Andreas Thorson?
 Cheever Tyler?
David George Ball

Frank Eastman Beane, Jr.?
 Paul Capron III?
 David DeWitt Dominick?
 Frederick Vincent Ernst?
 William Herrick Garnsey?
 Robert F. Giegengack, Jr.?
 David Doubleday Holbrook?
 Richard Hugo Lindgren?
 Peter A. Lusk?
 Charles Edward McCarthy
 John Burgess Meek?
 Robert Smitter Northrup?
 Eugene Lytton Scott?
 Bruce Donald Smith III?
 George Thomas Bissell?

Richard Charles Bockrath, Jr.
 William Carter Bowles, Jr.?
 Thomas W. Clark?
 John Marshall Cogswell?
 John Phillip De Neufville?
 Charles B. Hamlin?
 Dale Alton Lindsay, Jr.?
 Kenneth Mac Lean, Jr.
 Michael J. Pyle?
 Thomas Bernard Ross?
 George Wheeler Seeley?
 Sextus Shearer?
 Thomas Singleton II?
 James C. Stewart?
 Geoffrey Hamilton Waddell
 John Joseph Walsh, Jr.?
Samuel H. Back?


John Henry Brandt?
 James Henry Brewster IV?
 Tristam Anthony Brooks?
 Charles Bentley Burr II
 Henry Clay Childs?
 Norman Victor Chimenti?
 William Hamilton?
 Henry Thompson Holland?
 Ronald Eaton LeFevre?
 Thomas B. Ligon?
 Arthur John Peck, Jr.?
 Robert W. Spitz?
 Wyllys Terry III?
 Bernard Benjamin Zucker?
Roger S. Ahlbrandt, Jr.?






Peter Logan Becket?
 David Lyle Boren?
 Jesse Loring Clay?
 Charles Augustus Frank III?
 Brendan Gill?
 Michael Gates Gill?
 Samuel Lawrence Gwin, Jr.?
 Henry H. Hewitt?
 William Lee Marsh?
 Richard Eugene Moser?
 William D. Nordhaus?
 Timothy James O'Connell?
 Jonathan Chapman Rose?
 Patrick Rulon-Miller?
Geoffry Donald Charles Best?


John Arthur Cirie?
 Alexander Stephens Clay?
 Samuel Hopkins Francis?
 Howard Frank Gillette, Jr.?
 Dennis Patrick Lynch?
 Jonathan Evans Mc Bride?
 Thomas Harrison Prindle?
 Charles Alexander Pulaski, Jr.?
 Eugene Van Loan?
 John Smith Wilbur, Jr.?
 Stephen Wolfe II?
Mehdi Raza Ali?

Charles Edward Benoit, Jr.?
 Gerald Holland Clark?
 Stephen Edward Clark?
 Timothy J. Clay?
 Orde Musgrave Coombs?
 Alan Lyle Corey III?
 Peter Earl Desjardins?
 Philip Jay Fetner?
 Bengt M. Lagercrantz?
 John Mercer Pinney?
 Jeffrey Craig Pond?
 James Perrin Quarles III?
 John H.F. Shattuck?
 Peter Franz Zallinger
 John R. Bockstoce?


George Clifford Brown?
 Alan W. Cross?
 Michael Thomas Dalby?
 Howard James Ernest?
 John Forbes Kerry
 Forrest David Laidley?
 Richard Warren Pershing?
 David Mc Iver Rumsey?
 Ronald Leonard Singer?
 Frederick W. Smith
 William Burks Stanberry, Jr.?
 David Hoadley Thorne?
 Thomas Vargish?
Bernard Ikecukwu Afeoju?






Victor Henderson Ashe
 Timothy Mc Fall Bradford?
 Derek George Bush?
 David John Foster?
 Walter W. Garnsey, Jr.?
 Robert McGregor Lilley?
 James Whipple Miller?
 H. Coleman Mitchell, Jr.?
 Geoffrey Mark Neigher?
 James Marshall Preston?
 Davi Alan Richards?
 James M. Sanon?
 Bradford Curie Smith?
 Roy Anthony Swil?
 Stepehn Eberly Thompson, Jr.?
Roy Lesley Austin?


Robert Richards Birge?
 Christopher Walworth Brown?
 George Walker Bush
 Kenneth Saul Cohen?
 Rex William Cowdry?
 Donald. Etra?
 G. Gregory Gallico III?
 Robert K. Guthrie III?
 Bruton Ward Kolar?
 Robert Davis Mc Callum, Jr.?
 Muhammad Ahmed Saleh?
Thomas Carl Schmidt?
Donald Arthur Schollander?
Brinkley Stimpson Thorne?
Robert E. Arras, Jr?

Michael Frederic Bouscaren?
 Charles Henry Buck III
 Thomas Francis Cosgrove, Jr.?
 Frank Edward Demares II?
 Brian J. Dowling?
 Henry W. Fuller?
 Richard H.B. Livingston II?
 B. Patrick Madden?
 Wentworth Earl Miller?
 John Joseph O 'Leary, Jr.?
 Stephen Allen Schwarzman
 Duane Arthur Selander?
 William Mc Ilwaine Thompson, Jr.?
 Douglas Preston Woodlock?
William Scott Brown?

Philip Benham Case, Jr.?
 Earl S. Downing III?
 Lawrence L. Eyre?
 Johnathan David Friedland?
 Stephen David Greenberg?
 Douglas Michael Hodes?
 Terrence John Jackson?
 Thomas Clairborne Miller?
 Robert Mc Nair Morgan?
 Kwaku Ohene - Frempong?
 Daniel James Peters?
 Thomas B. Scattergood?
 Jonathan Penfield Thompson?
 C. Christopher Trower?
 James Anthony Babst?





James Taylor Bryan?
 Richard Henry Ekfelt?
 James Vincent Feinerman?
 Jeffrey Fortgang
 Michael Gerard Galvin?
 Thomas M. Halpin?
 Carols Arturo Hernandez?
 Robert D. Inman?
 William Theodore Kosturko?
 Charles Herbert Levin?
 James W. Morgan?
 Edward Mac Arthur Noyes?
 Thomas Prindle Taft?
Russell Joseph Cangelosi?


Douglas Wells Clark?
 Michael F. Csar?
 Peter Seelye Evans?
 Scott B. Fisher?
 Mark Sanders Lewis?
 Karl Evan Lutz?
 Richard J. Mac Donald II?
 Michael G. Mc Laren?
 Douglas Richard Moyer?
 Stephen G. Ritterbush, Jr.?
 Richard Alan Salbeh?
 Robert S. Walden?
 Zebuon Vance Wilson?
 Stan Warren Ziegler?
Alan Sidney Barasch?


Tedric Lawrence Bellis?
 C. Roger Finney?
 Benjamin P. Green?
 Philip Henry Highfill III?
 Mark Christopher Huey?
 Coit Redfearn Liles?
 David B. Lonsdorf?
 Stephen Joseph Mac Donald II?
 Fred Walter Mattlin?
 Stephen Joseph Mc Phee?
 David Clement Moore?
 William Iain Scott?
 James Sothern Sulzer?
 Richard Mason Barge?


Jon Michael Bellis?
 Larry R. Bisaro?
 Robert Lewis Cohen?
 David Michael Connors?
 Peter C. Diamond?
 Thomas James Doyle, Jr.?
 Bruce Alan Eisenberg?
 Timoteo F. Gonzalez?
 George Emanuel Lewis?
 Brian Cameron Murchison?
 Wesley John Spear?
 Charles Hedges McKinstry Thorne?
Alan Thompson Ashenfelter?






Kenneth Arthur Bender?
 Christopher Taylor Buckley
 James Eugene Burke III?
 William Deshay English, Jr.?
 Edwin Frank Gaines?
 Rudolph Green?
 Kenneth Malcolm Mac Kenzie?
 Douglas Scott Reigeluth?
 David Saffen?
 Thomas Allen Struzzi?
 Stephen George Wald?
 Gregory Jannig Zorthian?
Robert William Blattner?


John Kim Brubaker?
 Douglas Daniel Capozzalo?
 Christopher Dyson Casscells?
 Starling Winston Childs?
 Philip Turner Davies?
 Donald Kenneth Fort?
 Edward Raymond Gates?
 Richard Channing Gibson, Jr.?
 Dennis Charles Hart?
 Miles Watson Leverett?
 Arjay Singh Mehta?
 Marc Jaime Morgenstern?
 Clark Kimberly Oler, Jr.?
 Darryl L. Williams?
Marvin Blakely?

James Robert Brubaker?
 Carnell Cooper?
 Joel Richard Fredericks?
 Richard Julius Goldberg?
 William Cabell Grayson, Jr.?
 Patrick William Lalley?
 Quentin John Lawler?
 Thomas Montgomery Newman?
 David Bulkey Perry
 Stephen Rimar III?
 Daniel Adam Schlesinger
 Larry Glenn Scott?
 Chan Bruce Tom III?
Paul Berem Albritton?


Mark R. Baran?
 Keith Alan Bassi?
 J. Bruce Clark?
 Lawrence Maclester Gile?
 Peter Samuel Holmes?
 Noble Hook?
 David Leonard Marinelli?
 Samuel L. Owens?
 Geoffrey D. Piel?
 Robert John Rizzo
 John Marcus Roy?
 Charles S. Sullivan?
 Elvin D. Turner?
 Robert Nelson Brown?





Anthony O. Edozien?
 John Arthur Fore?
 Jeffrey Arthur Holmbee?
 David Harold Lorenson?
 Edward E. Mc Nally?
 Jack Thomas Moses?
 Kurt D. Nondorf?
 Donald Patrick O' Brien?
 Eric Brooks Peters?
 Stephen Thomas Skrovan?
 Charles Stevenson?
 Richard H. Westerfield?
 Daniel Richard Wilson?
 James B. Yent, Jr.?
Samuel Monroe Austin?


Maxwell O. Chibundu?
 George Leovy Davenport?
 Mark Samuel De Vore
 George Toby Dilworth?
 Andrew T. Fleming?
 John J. Hatem?
 Gary Martin Lawrence?
 Daniel Kevin Mulhern?
 Elliot Remsen Peters?
 Eric Eugene Stevens?
 Joseph Benjamin Teig?
Timothy Michael Tumpane?
Lawrence John Zigerelli?

Stanton B. Bullock?
 Kimberly C. Campbell?
 Mats Erik Carlsson?
 Christopher James Choa?
 Joseph Leo Conway, Jr.?
 Thomas Allan Grandine?
 David Gerard Novosel?
 Regis James O' Keefe?
 Kenneth Graham Peters?
 Paul Clifford Peterson?
 Richard George Russell?
 Karl Eric Staven?
 Daniel James Stratton?
 Douglas Stuart Tingey?
 Alexander Troy?
James Edward Bass?


Jonathan Breslau
 Gregory James Burkus?
 Gavin Elliott Campbell?
 Michael William Devlin?
 Frederick Anthony Leone?
 William Andrew Mc Afee
 Bryan Fitch Meyers?
 Robert W. Murchison
 David Isaiah Rachlin?
 Jasper Reid?
 Mark Joseph Salzman?
 Eddie Sanhago?
 Jonathan David Towers?
 William Henry Wright II?
 James Ting-Yeh Yang?
Peter Mark Abrams?






Peter Moody Brooks?
 Michael Ernest Cerveris?
 Richard David Franklin?
 Frederick Scott Gale?
 Michael John Montesano III?
 Christopher Noel?
 Carlos Pinela?
 Jonathan Douglas Sharp?
 John Van Loon Sheffield?
 Victor Edmond Wagner?
Paul James Andrie?


Earl Gilbert Graves, Jr.?
 Douglas Robert Henston?
 David Nathaniel Herskovits?
 Edward Scott Lampert
 David Geoffrey Litt?
 Steven Alan Skibell?
 Conzalo Urquijo?
 Adam Weinstein?
 Stephen Wiseman II?
 John Chipman Farrar?

James Emanuel Boasberg
 William John Carr Carlin Jr.?
 Ashok Jai Chandrasekhar?
 Scott David Frankel?
 Jay Alan Grossman?
 Wei-Tai Kwok?
 Peter Barnes Lindy?
 Timothy Charles Misner?
 Steven Terner Mnu Chin?
 James Gerard Petela
 Richard Hart Powers?
 Morgan Robert Smock?
 Horace Dutton Taft 2?
 Gregory Allan Thomson?
Kevin Sanchez Walsh














































Hyder Akbar
Derrick Wilson







Members of Snake and Book

A photo of the founders of the Order of book and Snake. Notice the human skull and crossbones.



Members of Skull and Bones 1861


Seated (left to right): Sextus Shearer and William H. Fuller. Standing (left to right): Robert L. Chamberlain, Simeon E. Baldwin, Hubert S. Brown, Francis E. Kernochan, William E. Park, Ralph O. Williams, Franklin B. Dexter, John Mitchell, Edward R. Sill, Alexander P. Root, Stauford Newell, Tracy Peck, Jr., Anthony Higgnis. From the family of Judge Simeon E. Baldwin.


Members of Skull and Bones 1868

Seated (left to right): Anson Phelps Tinker and L. Baron Colt. Standing (left to right): [First two are not identified on the verso of the picture.] Thomas Chalmers Sloane, Henry P. Wright, James Kingsley Thacher, Coburn Dewees Berry, Samuel Tweedy, James Coffin, Chauncey Bunce Brewster, William Allison McKinney, Charles Henry Farnam, Edward Jefferson Tytus, [Last individual not identified on the verso of the picture.] Remaining unidentified members were William P. Dixon, John Lewis, and William Curtis Wood.



Members of Skull and Bones 1871

Seated (left to right): William Kneeland Townsend and Charles Hopkins Clark. Standing (left to right): Howard Mansfield, Herbert Evelyn Kinney, Henry Rutherford Elliot, Frederick Mead, Jr., Watson Robertson Sperry, Frederick Collin, Robert Brinkley Lea, Alfred Bishop Mason, Edwin Forrest Sweet, Wilbert Warren Perry, Thomas Thacher, George Arthur Strong, Charles Daniel Hine.


Members of Skull and Bones 1878


Members of Skull and Bones 1884

Seated (left to right): Wilbur F. Booth and A. Parker Wilder. Standing (left to right): George R. Blodgett, Gustave F. Gruener, Ray Tompkins, Harry M. Painter, Thomas G. Lawrance, Paul E. Jenks, Reginald Foster, Maxwell Evarts, Frederic S. Jones, Samuel A. Booth, Henry B. Twombly, and Alexander Lambert. Photograph gift of Henry R. Gruener.


Members of Skull and Bones 1887

Standing (left to right): John Bennetto, Robert N. Corwin, William H. Cowles, Willard R. Douglass, William L. Thacher, Clinton L. Hare, Alexander B. Coxe, John Rogers, Jr., William B. Kendall, Walter B. Sheppard, Samuel Knight, Oliver G. Jennings. Seated (left to right): John N. Pomeroy, George G. Haven, Jr., William Kent.



Members of Skull and Bones class of 1892

Yale Bones Class of 1892 seated left to right Ernest Kyle, Hugh Aiken Bayne. Standing left to right Knight Dexter Cheney, Benjamin Lewis Crosby, Clive Day, William Lloyd Kitchel, Henry Solon Graves, Pierre Jay, Howell Cheney, Stanford Newel Morison, Frank Julian Price, Edward Boltwood, [Thomas] Lee McClung, James Wernham Dunsford Ingersoll, James William Husted


Members of Skull and Bones class of 1900

Seated (left to right):
Frederick Baldwin Adams, Hulbert Taft.
Standing (left to right):
John Morgan Hopkins, Ashley Day Leavatt, Frank Dexter Cheney, Stuart Brown Camp, James Cowan Greenway, Malcolm Douglas, Corliss Esmonde Sullivan, John Walter Cross, Percy Avery Rockefeller, Brace Whitman Paddock, Frederic Winthrop Allen, George Armstrong Lyon.


Members of Skull and Bones class of 1901



Members of Skull and Bones class of 1904



Class of  ???? maybe 1873  Skull and Bones


Skull and Bones Class ????



Skull and Bones 1948



List of CFR Members

Initial List of Council on Foreign Relations Members that have affiliations with other subversive cults




CFR=Council on Foreign Relations

J=Jewish (very incomplete)

RS=Rhodes Scholar

S&B=Skull and Bones (Yale)

TC=Trilateral Commission


David L. Aaron                           CFR 1996

Charles Spencer. Abbot                   CFR 1996

Wilder K. Abbott                         CFR

A. Robert Abboud                         CFR 1996

Labeeb M. Abboud                         CFR 1996

James C. Abegglen                        CFR 1996

Rawi Abdelal                             CFR

Elie Abel                                CFR 1996

Philip Hauge Abelson                     CFR

Gina Kay Abercrombie-Winstanley          CFR

Robert John Abernethy                    CFR 1996

Mona Aboelnaga                           CFR

Morris Berthod Abram                     CFR/RS

Morton Isaac Abramowitz                  CFR

Elliott Abrams                           CFR 1996

David M. Abshire                         CFR 1996

Odeh Felix Aburdene                      CFR 1996

Dean Gooderham Acheson                   BB/CFR

Theodore C. Achilles                     BB/CFR

Peter Ackerman                           CFR 1996

John F. Ackers                           CFR

Ray Adam                                 CFR

Gordon M. Adams                          CFR 1996

Robert McCormick Adams                   CFR 1996

Ruth Salzman Adams                       CFR

Carol C. Adelman                         CFR 1996

Kenneth L. Adelman                       CFR 1996

Allen R. Adler                           CFR

Herbert Agar                             CFR

William Agee                             CFR

Harold M. Agnew                          CFR 1996

Robert F. Agostinelli                    CFR 1996

Martin Agronsky                          CFR 1996

William Edward Aheam                     CFR

Kamal Ahmad                              CFR

Laura Ahn                                CFR

Woodrow Ahn                              CFR

C. Michael Aho                           CFR

Alfred L. Aiken                          CFR21

Bernard M Aidinoff                       CFR

Nurith Aizenman                          CFR

Fouad Ajami                              CFR

Anthony B. Akers                         CFR

John F. Akers                            CFR

James Elmer Akins                        CFR

Alice Patterson Albright                 CFR

Rene Albrecht-Carrie                     CFR

Madeleine Korbel Albright                CFR/J

Michael H. Alderman                      CFR

George H. Aldrich                        CFR

Winthrop Williams Aldrich                CFR

Archibald S. Alexander                   CFR

Henry C. Alexander                       CFR

James Strange Alexander                  CFR21/S&B 1882

Margo N. Alexander                       CFR

Robert J. Alexander                      CFR

Sarah Elizabeth Alexander                CFR

Roger P. Alford                          CFR

William P Alford                         CFR

Paul Arthur Allaire                      BB/CFR/TC

F. Aley Allan                            CFR

Joe L. Allbritton                        CFR

Charles E. Allen                         CFR

Charles Edward Allen II                  S&B 1958/CFR

F. Aley Allen                            CFR

Frederick Hobbes Allen                   CFR21

Jodi T. Allen                            CFR

Lew Allen Jr (Gen.)                      CFR

Philip E. Allen                          CFR

Raymond B. Allen                         CFR

Richard V. Allen                         CFR

Robert E. Allen                          CFR/TC

James B. Alley                           CFR

Graham Tillety Allison, Jr.              BB/CFR/TC

Richard C. Allison                       CFR

Alexander W. Allport                     CFR

S. C. Allyn                              CFR

Michael Almond                           CFR

Alan N. Alpern                           CFR

Jonathan Alter                           CFR

Karen J. Alter                           CFR

Jon B. Alterman                          CFR

Roger Altman                             CFR

William C. Altman                        CFR

Arthur Goodhart Altschul                 CFR

Frank Altschul                           CFR21  1984-

David Altshuler                          CFR

Donna Maria Alvarado                     CFR

Jose E. Alvarez                          CFR

Amyas Ames                               CFR

Oakes Ames                               CFR

Hoyt Ammidon                             CFR

Robert Amory, Jr.                        CFR

Deborah Susan Amos                       CFR

David A. Andelman                        CFR

Arthur M. Anderson                       CFR

Barbara Ann Anderson                     CFR

Craig B. Anderson                        CFR

Desaix, Anderson                         CFR

Dillon Anderson                          CFR

Edward G. Anderson, III                  CFR

George W. Anderson, Jr.                  CFR

Harold F. Anderson                       CFR

Harold W. Anderson                       CFR

John Bayard Anderson                     CFR/TC

Joseph A. Anderson                       CFR

Lisa Anderson                            CFR

Marcus A. Anderson (Gen.)                CFR

Paul F. Anderson                         CFR

Robert Bruce Anderson                    CFR

Robert Orville Anderson                  BB/CFR

Roger E. Anderson                        CFR

Dwayne Orville Andreas                   BB/CFR/TC

Terry Andreas                            CFR

David R. Andrews                         CFR

John S. Andrews                          CFR

James Waterhouse Angell                  CFR

Manual R. Angulo                         CFR

Manuel R. Angulo                         CFR

Norbert L. Anschuetz                     CFR

M Michael Ansour                         CFR

Robert Anthoine                          CFR

John Duke Anthony                        CFR

David Pushel Apgar                       CFR

Jerry Apodaca                            CFR

Mari Carmen Aponte                       CFR

Kwame Anthony Appiah                     CFR

David Ernest Apter                       CFR

Rand Vincent Araskog                     CFR/TC

Shellye L. Archambeau                    CFR

Tomas A. Arciniega                       CFR

Cresencio S. Arcos                       CFR

Stanley S. Arkin                         CFR

Roone Arledge                            CFR

Michael Hayden Armacost                  BB/CFR/TC

Norman Armour                            CFR

Anne Legendre Armstrong                  CFR

C. Michael Armstrong                     CFR

DeWitt C. Armstrong III                  CFR

Hamilton Fish Armstrong                  CFR21   1928-

John A. Armstrong                        CFR

Willis C. Armstrong                      CFR

Gustavo Arnavat                          CFR

Henry H. Arnhold                         CFR

Millard W. Arnold                        CFR

Michael Aronson                          CFR

Fabiola R. Arredondo                     CFR

Adrienne Arsht                           CFR

Robert J. Art                            CFR

Alberta Arthurs                          CFR

Carole Artigiani                         CFR

Edwin Lewis Artzt                        CFR

Max Ascoli                               CFR

Diego C. Asencio                         CFR

Robert E. Asher                          CFR

Sarah Scott Ashton                       CFR

Ronald D. Asmus                          CFR

Les Aspin                                CFR

Vicki-Ann E. Assevero                    CFR

Harold Pratt Associates                  CFR

George E. Assousa                        CFR

Alfred Leroy Atherton Jr.                CFR

Bama Athreya                             CFR

Sidney Atman                             CFR

William Wallace Atterbury                CFR21

William Attwood                          CFR

J. Brian Atwood                          CFR

M. Genevieve Atwood                      CFR

Henry G. Aubrey                          CFR

James E. Auer                            CFR

Stuart C. Auerbach                       CFR

Norman R. Augustine                      CFR

Bromwell Ault                            CFR

Jesse Huntley Ausubel                    CFR

Josiah Lee Auspitz                       CFR

B. L. Austin                             CFR

Paul Austin                              CFR

Jesse H. Ausubel                         CFR

John F. Avedon                           CFR

John E. Avery                            CFR

Patrick G. Awuah, Jr.                    CFR

Robert M. Axelrod                        CFR

H. Brandt Ayers                          CFR

Khalid Azim                              CFR

Bruce E. Babbitt                         CFR/TC

Eileen F. Babbitt                        CFR

Harriet C. Babbitt                       CFR

C. Stanton Babcock                       CFR

Jules S. Bache                           CFR21

George Backer                            CFR

Robert Low Bacon                         CFR21

Kenneth H. Bacon                         CFR

John Carter Bacot                        CFR

John S. Badeau                           CFR

William B. Bader                         CFR

Donald A. Baer                           CFR

M. Delal Baer                            CFR

Mario L. Baeza                           CFR

Elizabeth Frawley Bagley                 CFR

Charles Waldo Bailey                     CFR

Leslie Elizabeth Bains                   CFR

Charles F. Baird                         CFR

Peter W. Baird                           CFR

Zoe Baird                                CFR

Edgar R. Baker                           CFR

George Barr Baker                        CFR21

George P. Baker                          CFR

Howard H. Baker, Jr.                     CFR

James Edgar Baker                        CFR

James Addison Baker III                  CFR

John R. Baker                            CFR

Nancy Kassebaum Baker                    CFR

Pauline H. Baker                         CFR

Ray Stannard Baker                       CFR21

Stewart A. Baker  (NSA General Counsel)  CFR

Thurbert E. Baker                        CFR

Shaul Bakhash                            CFR

Peter Bakstansky                         CFR

Paul Balaran                             CFR

Malcolm Baldridge                        CFR

David A. Baldwin                         CFR

Hanson W. Baldwin                        CFR

Henry Furlong Baldwin                    CFR

Robert Edwear Baldwin                    CFR

Robert H. B. Baldwin                     CFR

Sherman Baldwin                          CFR

Carter F. Bales                          CFR

Kenneth D. Balick                        CFR

Gerald L. Baliles                        CFR

David George Ball                        S&B 1960/CFR

George Wildman Ball                      BB/CFR

George T. Ballou                         CFR

David Baltimore                          CFR

Harding F. Bancroft                      CFR

Laurence Merrill Band                    CFR

Donald K. Bandler                        CFR

Louis L. Banks                           CFR

Mira Radielovic                          CFR

Benjamin R. Barber                       CFR

Charles F. Barber                        CFR

James Alden Barber, Jr.                  CFR

Joseph Barber                            CFR

Perry O. Barber, Jr.                     CFR

James W. Barco                           CFR

William G. Bardel                        CFR

Teresa C. Barger                         CFR

Thomas C. Barger                         CFR

Frederick C. Barghoorn                   CFR

Joel D. Barkan                           CFR

James M. Barker                          CFR

John P Barker                            CFR

Robert R. Barker                         CFR

Henri J. Barkey                          CFR

Solomon Barkin                           CFR

Erica Jean Barks-Ruggles                 CFR

William E. Barlow                        CFR

William J. Barnds                        CFR

Joseph Fels Barnes                       CFR

Harry G. Barnes Jr.                      CFR

Julius H. Barnes                         CFR21

Michael D. Barnes  (D-Md)                CFR

Richard J. Barnet                        CFR

A. Doak Barnett                          CFR

Edward W. Barnett                        CFR

Frank R. Barnett                         CFR

Robert W. Barnett                        CFR

Vicent M. Barnett, Jr.                   CFR

F. William Barnett                       CFR

Michael S. Barr                          CFR

Robert I. Barr                           CFR21

Thomas D. Barr                           CFR

Harry P. Barrand, Jr.                    CFR

Barbara McConnell Barrett                CFR

Edward W. Barrett                        CFR

John Adams Barrett                       CFR

Nancy Smith Barrett                      CFR

Leland Barrows                           CFR

John L. Barry                            CFR

Lisa B. Barry                            CFR

Thomas Corcoran Barry                    CFR

Jill Barshay                             CFR

Charlene Barshefsky                      CFR

Reginald Bartholomew                     CFR

Joseph W. Bartlett                       CFR

Thomas A. Bartlett                       CFR

Timothy J. Bartlett                      CFR

Robert Leroy Bartley                     BB/CFR/TC

David A. Bartsch                         CFR

Jacques Barzun                           CFR

Albert C. Bashawaty                      CFR

John T. Basek                            CFR

Jeremy B. Bash                           CFR

Adrian Anthony Basora                    CFR

James Edward Bass                        S&B 1982/CFR

Peter E. Bass                            CFR

Robert P. Bass, Jr.                      CFR

Warren Bass                              CFR

Francis Keith Bassolino                  CFR

Whitman Bassow                           CFR

Philip Bastedo                           CFR

William H. Bateman                       CFR

Marston Bates                            CFR

Dana T. Batholomew                       CFR

Allan R. Batkin                          CFR

Francis M. Bator                         CFR

Peter A. Bator                           CFR

Charles Battaglia                        CFR

Lucius D. Battle                         CFR

Joanne R. Bauer                          CFR

Carol Edler Baumann                      CFR

Roger R. Bauman                          CFR

William H. Baumer                        CFR

James P. Baxter III                      CFR

Randolph. Baxter                         CFR

Richard R. Baxter                        CFR

Birch E. Bayh, Jr.                       CFR

Edward Ashley Bayne                      CFR

Gerald F. Beal                           CFR

Jacob D. Beam                            CFR

Atherton Bean                            CFR

Frank D. Bean                            CFR

Ronald S. Beard                          CFR

Richard I. Beattie                       CFR

Amos L. Beaty                            CFR21

Hans W. Becherer                         CFR

Perry S. Bechky                          CFR

Stephen Davison Bechtel, Jr.             CFR

Steven Davison Bechtel                   CFR

Loftus E. Becker                         CFR

Benjamin H. Beckhart                     CFR

David Z. Beckler                         CFR

Pierre Bedard                            CFR

Gregory R. Bedrosian                     CFR

Frederick Sessions Beebe                 BB/CFR

Richard E. Beeman                        CFR

Samuel H. Beer                           CFR

Louis Begley                             CFR

Jack N. Behrman                          CFR

Thomas C. Beierle                        CFR

David O. Beim                            CFR

Nicholas F. Beim                         CFR

William S. Beinecke                      CFR

Ruth Margolies Beitler                   CFR

Robert A. Belfer                         CFR

Burwell B. Bell                          CFR

Daniel W. Bell                           CFR

David Elliot Bell                        BB/CFR

Elliott Vance Bell                       BB/CFR   1953-

Gordon P. Bell                           CFR

Holley Mack Bell                         CFR

J. Bowyer Bell                           CFR

Joseph C. Bell                           CFR

Peter Dexter Bell                        CFR

Robert G. Bell                           CFR

Ruth Greenspan Bell                      CFR

Stephen E. Bell                          CFR

Thomas D. Bell                           CFR

Carol Bellamy                            CFR

John B. Bellinger III                    CFR

Judith Hippler Bello                     CFR

Stephanie K. Bell-Rose                   CFR

Terence H. Benbow                        CFR

Matthew J .V. Bencke                     CFR

Harry J. Benda                           CFR

Gerald J. Bender                         CFR

Bertha Benedict                          CFR

Kennette M. Benedict                     CFR

Esther T. Benjamin                       CFR

Robert S. Benjamin                       CFR

Robert H. Benmosche                      CFR

Douglas J. Bennet Jr.                    CFR

Andrew Bennett                           CFR

Christina Anne Bennett                   CFR

Donald V. Bennett                        CFR

Jack F. Bennett                          CFR

John C. Bennett                          CFR

Martin Toscan Bennett                    CFR

Susan J. Bennett                         CFR

William B. Bennett                       CFR

Nora J. Bensahel                         CFR

Janet Benshoof                           CFR

Lucy Peters Wilson Benson                CFR/TL

William B. Benton                        CFR

Lloyd M. Bentsen, Jr.                    BB/CFR

Tristan E. Beplat                        CFR

Bernard R. Berelson                      CFR

Douglas K. Bereuter                      CFR

Margaret Bergen                          CFR

Peter Bergen                             CFR

Joshua A. Berger                         CFR

Marilyn Berger                           CFR

Morroe Berger                            CFR

Peter Lampert Berger                     CFR

Samuel Richard ("Sandy") Berger          BB/CFR/J

Suzanne Berger                           CFR

Abram Bergson                            CFR

C. Fred Bergsten                         BB/CFR/TC

Helle Bering                             CFR

L. V. Berkner                            CFR

Bruce D. Berkowitz                       CFR

Pamela B. Berkowsky                      CFR

Adolf A. Berle, Jr.                      CFR

Adolf Augustus Berle                     CFR

Howard L. Berman (D-Ca)                  CFR

Jonathan Berman                          CFR

Kenneth W. Bernard                       CFR

John E. Berndt                           CFR

David S. Bernstein                       CFR

Edward M. Bernstein                      CFR

Peter W. Bernstein                       CFR

Robert L. Bernstein                      CFR

Tom A. Bernstein                         CFR

John G. Berquist                         CFR21

Susan Vail Berresford                    CFR/TC

Scott D. Berrie                          CFR

Jan Carol Berris                         CFR

Sidney B. Berry                          CFR

Alan D. Bersin                           CFR

Edward M. Berstein                       CFR

Robert L. Berstein                       CFR

Samuel Reading Bertron                   CFR21/S&B 1885

Gary K. Bertsch                          CFR

Peter Justus Beshar                      CFR

Simon Michael Bessie                     CFR

William A. Best III                      CFR

Theodore C. Bestor                       CFR

Robert M. Bestani                        CFR

Richard K. Betts                         CFR

Thomas J. Betts                          CFR

Austin M. Beutner                        CFR

Herman W. Bevis                          CFR

Jeffrey Bewkes                           CFR

John C. Beyer                            CFR

Kian Beyzavi                             CFR

Raj Bhala                                CFR

Seweryn Bialer                           CFR

Kenneth J. Bialkin                       CFR

Jeffrey P. Bialos                        CFR

Nicole M. Bibbins                        CFR

Jewelle Bickford                         CFR

Barbara Bicksler                         CFR

George C. Biddle                         CFR

Percy W. Bidwell