Copyright, Eliot Bernstein, 1983


The Dinosaur Story – Story Line.

Part I –

Part I & II are entwined to show the parallels between dinosaur and man.

Part II

The Dinosaur Story.


Part I - The Rise & Fall of the Dinosaur

I.      Prey to Predator

II.     Tyrannosaurus Rex the real "Mother Green and Her Killing Machine"

III.       Where have all the creatures gone.

IV.       A lesson for the next king.

Part II - The Rise and Fall of Man.

V.    Tyranno-Man-iac.

VI.       Nuclear Blues.

VII.      A Wasted Revolution - The 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s.

VIII.  Kill the Planet - Save the People!   Kill the People - Save the Planet!

IX.  Kind Man.

X.    A lesson from a dying king.

Notes for story.

 The Dinosaur Story – Story Line

A Rock-n-Roll Symphony, A Multi-Media Sensation - Different bands for each poem

Part I & II are entwined to show the parallels between dinosaur and man

Part I – Dinosaurs

A man dies a vision begins.

The setting opens in a plush rain forest environment. The story begins with the dinosaurs skin in a soft state. A dinosaur mother with her young is out feeding and is suddenly and viciously attacked (Tarantino style) by a superior predator. The murders leave the entire family dead but one baby that watches but escapes. We see his initial struggle for survival in a harsh environment with pterodactyls and the likes.

Suddenly, a massive solar change occurs and the sun breaks through the deep clouds, suddenly animals and foliage are burning up, yet the change has a dramatic effect on the dinosaur, its skin becomes extremely thick, so thick in fact that its predators no longer can penetrate the skin to kill. The dinosaur now invincible, the rise to king of the jungle unfolds.

Next comes the dinosaurs rule over the entire planet. In a killing frenzy, enjoying his wonderful domain, the entire earth, we follow the dinosaur on a psycho egotistic conquering of the world, with no respect. We follow the brutal murdering of anything that moved. We see the dinosaur gloat in greed.

Next, we see the destruction of resources caused by the new imbalance in the kingdom. Dinosaurs have over consumed and over populated. They begin cannibalism. We again go through scenes of war from desperation and starvation.

Their plight becomes helpless as other creatures slowly begin to steal the starving dinosaur eggs, at the same time that they are so large the can not mate any longer. Thus, a horrible end, with dinosaurs starving and becoming food for the smaller creatures and viruses.

Part II

Next comes primitive man in the rain forest. A family suddenly and violently gets ambushed and killed in a brutal fashion by a large predator. One child survives. Some symbolic type change occurs (Kubrick 2001 style) and we see man develop a brain.

We follow man through his rise to king of the jungle. We see him violently conquer the entire domain. We see him begin to overpopulate and slowly man vs. man conflict starts to arise over space and resource.  Each different man cult attempting to grow through the slaughter of other populations, never coming together to save themselves from the inevitable.  We begin a cinematic ultra-violent panning through wars and events in chronological order.

After the war presentation we begin a mirage of our world today. We focus on the overpopulation, starvation, destruction of resources etc. We show man destroying the ozone, the sun breaking through and beginning to burn all.

An awakening, the dying man confronting death, is thrust into today, with the horror of vision, a vision that reeks of disaster.  Crazed and confused he struggles to bring to the people a chance, a glimmer of a hope.  Knowing that only the children can change their destiny, he begins a lifelong journey to bring children the tools to help them help themselves.

Below is the vision, hidden in riddles of what is and what is not.

Copyright, Eliot Bernstein, 1983

The Dinosaur Story



Lying lifeless in a coma, the events recounted unfolded in my blood-bathed eyes, an endorphin dream?  Not only did my life flash before my eyes, another countless hundreds of lifetimes in equally as many life forms, came dancing in the brilliance. Dying, I watched the world from above; I traversed through time to see all I had been, forever. The time continuum bent back and then sprung forward, and a vision was created in the variation, I remain lost within.

A vision that forever blinds me, blinds me from what is and what is not. Vision that reeks of disaster, disaster for the human race. Vision of the human child suffering, the cries of babes as they die. I have seen it before, death of a species from pure and simple greed. A Shakespearean psycho-trauma, I am forever cast in fear. Fear that compels one to the edges of insanity and then plunges one in.

Sent back to tell this most horripilating horror story, to pray that it does not fall on deaf ears.

Part I - The Rise & Fall of the Dinosaur

I.                  Prey to Predator

In the beginning

We were weak, just food in the chain,

We had no great sins.

Then one day the sun changed and hardened our skins,

So hard we became it rotted our brains.


From rodents on the run to masters of the gun,

Yet in the end we were prey to the setting sun.

In the end we had eaten our friends,

We began to prey on our own kind

Too late to make amends,

A species gone mad in mind.

Here lies the truth to the dinosaur story,

Your future a parallel, the end of your species your final glory?

Heed these rhyming lines of extinction,

For our lesson may be your redemption.

From rodents on the run to masters of the gun,

Yet in the end, prey to the setting sun.

II.                 Tyrannosaurus Rex the real "Mother Green and Her Killing Machine"

I rule the world!

All animals I swallow.

I am the number one dinosaur species,

King of the Jungle!

I’ll shred your flesh to pieces

And gnaw on your bones,

No one escaping

My invincible throne.

My skin my battle armor,

When I come to town there is no honor.

Lock the doors and hide the children,

For wherever I go it's a bloodbath cauldron.


I am Tyrannosaurus Rex! A Killing Fiend,

The Mean Green Cannibalistic Killing Machine.

Don't think I started this way,

But it is a result of so much killing each day.

Not for rational reason, so much vegetation was in season,

We killed for play, left the corpses to decay,

Now we live in disease-infested rot,

A tribute to our magnificent lot.

In the end it's easy to look back for the mistakes

But it's much too late to change your fate.

I am Tyrannosaurus Rex! A Killing Fiend.

The Mean Green Cannibalistic Killing Machine.

The animals once our friends

Hide for their lives when we roll in,

Afraid they will be the next Dinosaur dish,

Which means the end for that species and its kin.

Killing each species was no challenge

Far inferior was their armor.

The children tasting far superior,

We ate them first

To their parents horror.

I am Tyrannosaurus Rex! A Killing Fiend.

The Mean Green Cannibalistic Killing Machine.


III.              Where have all the creatures gone

I look back to all I have conquered, massacred, and ate,

In the name of this or that,

I see only hate.

We lay to waste so many friends,

No one cared to face the evil we had become,

Our sins piled up since the changing of the sun.

We once feared the powers up above

Now we believed we were the chosen ones.

In such thought one can become insane,

Delusions of grandeur like a syphilitic parasite chewing your brain,

You respect nothing higher,

You begin to feel hells fire.

Now, so decadently obese, basically fat,

I look at all the rats on the lawn, can't catch a one,

Where have all the creatures gone?

Starving and dying dinosaurs pile at my feet,

Overpopulated our resources deplete,

200 million years before our defeat.

Nonillion more we will be obsolete,

I fear, I fear, the beginning for the meek.

How could we not see the fate of greed?

There were those others who began to eat nothing with mothers,

Fearing something greater, like a creator,

We laughed and ate them in the end, too.

Is extinction innate?

Time has come for our fate?

Why did we wait?

Couldn’t give up or change our ways.

Now so large I can hardly mate!

I look at all the rats on the lawn can't catch a one,

Where have all the creatures gone?


IV.             A lesson for the next king

To you I cannot sing love songs

The end has come from our wrongs.

We did not heed the warning signs,

Now I sing death rhymes.

As fast as a meteor we were consumed?

No, we are the cause of our doom,

No futures will our children bloom.

To you the next king of the world,

Your power will lie in the ability to nurture

Not in the power that comes from murder.

Once you lose respect for Mother Nature's creatures,

To oblivion she will damn you forever,

Forgiving you never.

 As fast as a meteor we were consumed?

No, we are the cause of our doom,

No futures will our children bloom!


Part II - The Rise and Fall of Man

V.               Tyranno-man-iac

Through this parallel dimension I fell,

To mankind's current hell.

Here at the top of the food chain,

Here because I have a brain.

That's why there are things like acid rain?

These dinosaur dreams are not insane,

They speak to me

They are in pain.

And through the dark,

I hear the cries

I know extinctions bark.

The lies, the lies, the lies.

Will our followers tell of meteors or of an ice age land?

Or will we bear the truth,

Extinction of all

From man “kinds” hands!


VI.             Nuclear Blues

Here I am modern man,

I have a nuclear plan

Nobody can withstand.

Spent so much time and money

Figuring how to kill everybody.

Light a fire a million degrees,

Killing becomes a breeze.

Set the world on fire;

Man “kind's” greatest desire.

This we call power,

Like mother nature's flower?

Not ashamed!

Who would be blamed?

All children fried,

Will you cry this insane?

Look at our wonderful ways,

The only creature to kill for belief,

The cause of worldwide grief.

My dreams now gossamers,

My hell of Warmares.

In our hate,

We seal our fate

Creating an eternity with Dante,

A three-headed dog waits.


VII.          A Wasted Revolution - The 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s and 2k

We began with a revolution

Then we gave up our resolutions.

Sold our souls to the institution,

Mother earth we committed to prostitution!

You ask for the solutions

Afraid of radical revolutions.

You want my work for the system

I must sell my soul with conditions!

No fruition,

See my position,

Need a fucking revolution!

We had the plan

Don't give in to the man!

We made a stand

Didn't give a damn.

Flower children with flower power,

Now destroying rain forests by the hour?

The fight now pathetic of course,

It might comprise my Porsche.

You want my respect for the system?

I must sell my soul with conditions!

No fruition,

See my position,

Need a fucking revolution.


VIII.  Kill the Planet - Save the People! 
Kill the People - Save the Planet!

Mother Earth, in your veins, poisons we have pumped.

Killing the breast that feeds our young.

Your eyes


Filled with smog, scum and soot.

In the name of greed

Man has forgot the beauty of your ecology,

Fucked humanity and all creatures.

All creatures that you nurture shamed

For this crime, man, alone to blame.

Will we kill the planet,

For the love of gold and to be elite?

And who will save the people,

When resources precious to life they deplete?


Ignore her no longer,

She dies at your feet!

If you fail this greatest of challenges

It will be your own defeat.

From generations past that loved her not,

She might as well be dead.

I blame her not

If for our deeds

She kills us in our greed.

Will we desecrate the planet

For the love of gold and to be elite?

And who will save the people,

When resources precious to life they deplete?




Against these crimes of nature.

Once bountiful, her cup runneth over.

And rape,

And reap,

Was our respect to her.

Now she and her creatures die,

Evidence that we were not her Lover.

Will we kill the planet,

For love of gold and to be elite?

And who will save the people,

When resources precious to life they deplete?

IX.  Kind Man

I am an animal,

Forgot my name,

Got lost in killing every living thing.

Extincting species by the hour my game

Will G0D allow me in his fellowship ring?

Soon, I will inhabit the earth alone

If I cannot change my horrible throne.

We were called man"kind",

A great misnomer

For a creature soon to be a loner.

The question now is how to change our stance,

To caretaker of the planet's creatures;

A beautiful cause, a true alliance.

What nobleness we would receive

Protecting and preserving G0d’s art pieces.

Where to begin?

Kill the industrial revolution

Let the new rein in.

If we are not able to undo our ways,

Then surely we will be accountable to pay.

In our children’s lives maybe no ozone

The sun burning their little eyes closed.

Will we cuddle them when they have no skin, but bone?

Soon, we will inhabit the planet alone,

If we cannot change our horrible throne.

We were called man"kind",

A great misnomer,

For a creature soon to be a loner.

When the children hold their heads to the sky

For a sip of water,

Will you cry out

"Children this is a horrible game,

For surely your eyes will fill with acid and pain.

Never ever should you play in the rain?

For we (your parents) forgot to protect the water,

Now it tastes like a fucking sewer."

Or better that

With a Chernobyl in your home,

When missing this or that, they come only with a groan.

We were called man"kind"

A great misnomer,

For a creature soon to be a loner.

X.               A lesson from a dying king

Petty are the thoughts of mankind in the face of death.

Weary world wipe your eyes,

See the grander and greater sky.

Center not upon yourself

You are but an integral part.


Your continuous friend in heart.

Answers will never come

You go through life on instinct.

In your end, you will be known for yours alone,

Accept that you are not the whole,

For that is the fool who has no soul.

Love all equally!

There is no greater or grander thing.

To place yourself on a pedestal so high

Is to miss the beauty of the skies,

And set yourself apart

All, all alone, in the dark.



Above the rest?

Cry not that you missed the best.

Destiny, in your control,

Your every action

A reflection on your FINAL soul.

Selflessness the goal of a truly loving soul.

We only see

But for a brief bit of our eternity,

The greater and the grander things

Which with it this strange life does bring.

For past, present, and future are of no concern,

For as a part,

You see no start,

Fool hearted to linger on the end.

Before your birth,

In this blind state,

Where did you abate?

When you die,

Where will you next rise?

I ask these questions in disguise,

To not arose fear within your eyes,

But instead to fill your head with the magnanimity of your part.

The glories of life surround you for a second

Or for eternity?

How far backward or forward can you see

Fixated on this brief moment in your history?

In one swift breath,

Your life here will expire.

Will one more be your desire

Or are you content with your lives fire?

Knowing you will forever go higher

Not frightened of what lies ahead,

Anticipating the wonders of what's now living

And will soon be considered dead.

For you will always be a part

Of this G0d's grandest piece of art;

No matter what kind of heart

But will your soul be filled with the joys

Of the greater and the grander things,

With which it this strange life does bring?

In orbit all around

Life's greatest pleasures abound,

Wake to see the morning light,

In a truly selfless plight.

Weary world open your eyes,

And see the changes necessary for life to survive.

Children rise!

Rebellion and revolution must save the skies.

Our self-indulgences are killing us so,

In the race to be civilized

Mankind has lost chivalry.

Blinded in fright, greed and insecurity,

Man will never see salvation light

If the children do not rise to fight.

Taught from birth to accept their plight

Evil thoughts and actions will soon look right.

Taught raise not objection,

The child grows in complete deception.

Poor mother earth, must surely be in hell

To deliver from her womb man,

The destructive force that delves to kill her next born.

To see her children divided against one another,

Man killing and beating her creatures,

No respect for her wombly nurture,

No life may have a future!

Time has played against Mother Nature

Will she again be able to nurture?

Maybe, it is time to nurture her

From sea to shining sea

And rebuild her womb

The atmospheric and environmental sea.

With no time in the looking glass

The abuses must change fast.

Solutions are easy.

Change seems impossible.

With the answers clear

What can mankind truly fear?

Possibly the loss of his wars, creed, and greed,

Which are all sick and wrong claims of his victory.

For mans most prized possessions

Seem more the devil's obsessions.

Children behold these problems of old,

To forget the problems only makes them grow.

It is on your heads to make a stance,

For your own and all creatures future chance.

From this gross scene of our ancestors past,

You are responsible to bring it back to beauty at last!

Do not bow in despair,

All is not yet lost.

Conquer these fears.

Or you will pay the cost!

Notes for story

In a movie theatre, in 3-D, created for holographic sights, complete surround sounds and smells with creatures and scenes that appear from every angle, the person immersed in the video experience and thrashed about it.

In the Internet, as a theme that provides the basis for a site for children to come get turbo-charged in the latest and greatest technologies to effect global change and provide a unified cross-cultural anonymous thought journal.  A site where if you’ve got a solution or just a thought to help - post it.  If you’ve got a killer graphic or video or experience of whatever form for any problem you can have it published with NO editing.  A site that compels one to pledge a thought as the entry price, a site that the users have change and effect on.  The theme – a real life death game of save the planet.

The overall Internet content theme would be the creation of new technologies that immerse the user in the problem leaving more than just a video.  A site that challenges the user in new technology and yet accommodates any level of hardware.  Take the user in with remote controlled cams for every problem facing the environment from space, to underwater, to rainforests, etc. and let them feel the pain.  Get cams into every species that is on the top 500 list of extinction.  Allow the children to post cams of what is affecting their world.  An interactive site with the tools to access a knowledge bank throughout a learning process for all levels of users and for those users to interact together anonymously with computer generated identities adding thought wherever.

It needs an economist to total the remaining resources critical to life, that we know of, and begin to give people a sense to the urgency.  We need to show estimates of how long endangered animals have until extinction.

No cookies for tracking any of this nonsense.

We need a bucket for all known charitable organizations and full linkage.